Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday's News!

Good morning all! I had to take my new kittens to the vet this morning for their second round of shots so I just got back and am ready to post today's deal of the day! It's the Summertime Fiesta pendant! So cool! I have a ton of these types of pendants in all different colors. I wear them all the time. I actually just got in some stainless steel chokers to string these on, so if you like this and you don't have a silver chain, let me know and I'll give you an added deal on the choker! You can click here to be brought right to it!

Also, my computer monitor crapped out yesterday morning. I was working on some pictures and then it started - the screen started shaking, and going in and out... it was making me quite seasick to look at it! So I unplugged it, ran upstairs to get my "spare" that I have never used but it came with the computer and plugged that in. The one I am used to is 19", and the spare is 15", so you do the math. In a little over 2 hours I was so cranky from squinting and hunching over to look at this TINY monitor that I went on Best Buy's website to see what was on sale. I drove up there and came home with a 22" flat panel LCD monitor! Yay! You should see this thing! It's bigger than my TV! But only takes up a little space on my desk. So my jewelry pictures look larger than life now! I love the colors in the monitor too, I hope they show up the same way for you all! OK, I'm off to get ready to take the kids for their haircuts now... Cinderella! I'm being beckoned again! Talk to you later!


  1. Hi Kristen!!!! I hope you are having a wonderful evening :) I have been busy studying my rear off....uhhhhggg...Hopefully it will all be over this Friday :)

    Hope you and Miss Ann are doing well :) I feel so out of touch...promise to be more "alive" after Friday :)

    Have a wonderful night!

  2. Oh Miss Carey,
    I know you have been studying so hard! Girl you will do so well on your exam, I just know it. The effort is definately there! So good to hear from you! We'll have to chat over the weekend once your exam is done! Get some rest!


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