Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I finally made something!

Wow, the past week feels like it's taken a month to go by! I'm really sick of this broken foot! :)
Oh well, can't get a new one, I'll just have to suffer through it for the next 7 weeks. In the meantime, my mom was nice enough to come over last night and made us this great chicken dish that we will have for dinner tonight, and she also gave the boys a bath for me. While she was playing in sudsy land with the kids, I sat in my office and made that very simple bracelet that I was envisioning in my mind that I told you about the other day. It is made with Hill Tribe Silver Tube beads, and genuine Apatite and Peridot chips seperated by floral spacers. So pretty and elegant! I have enough beads to make one more bracelet, so I'll try to do that today and get it posted on Etsy. I already showered and am thinking what I can do today to get OUT OF THIS HOUSE! Something that does not require my foot to be down for a long period of time, but maybe long enough to get some fresh air! Check back later on for more updates! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day!
(Sorry again for the shadows on the photo's, it's earlier than I normally get out there to photograph things because I wanted to get a post up sooner than later! )


  1. very pretty and elegant! So glad to see your getting some help and able to make some pieces! Feel better soon :(

  2. Hi Kristen! I really like this bracelet. I love Hill Tribe silver too! (wish it was cheaper to buy!)


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