Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beach pics

My mom shared with me the pictures that she took at the beach after I left and these are so cute! I have a great series of shots that I took of my dad with Jack when he was 2 at this same beach. So these I will add to the kids room, this is my dad with Matt! Love them, good job mom! I'm feeling a little bit better, so perhaps I'll venture upstairs either tonight or tomorrow to make some jewels. I hate to have my foot down, it just aches so badly so it's better when I elevate it. We'll see what the afternoon brings. Don't lose faith in me yet, I'm a trooper! I can't STAND to be idle! :) Be back soon and thanks for checking in!


  1. Oh My babie he is sooooo cute (Matt not your dad sorry Mr P Your cute too)

  2. Ha ha HA!!! Ann, that's a freakin' RIOT! ha ha :)


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