Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Jewels!!

Wow! I just made it back from the doctor, ran outside with my camera and snapped some pics in the sun.. came inside and it started to rain! How's that for good timing! Ok, here are the pieces I made yesterday.

First: A disk set with some really funky twist beads made by Michele of Moonfairy glass. I have not seen this glass style in Michele's sets so I snapped this up right away! Very unique! I have the bracelet and matching earrings.

Next: This set of glass beads was in my secret stash... I am so drawn to it. I keep saying to myself that I'll make something for me, but I really think that these need to be shared. I'll be SO proud to see someone wearing this necklace and earring set. It's smashing! A beautiful blue with silvery glass shards wrapped around the beads. Very unique and I don't mind telling you that if you don't grab this one quick it WILL be back in my drawer for the jewelry hog (ME!). :)

Third: These are the PITA earrings I was telling you about earlier. What a process in making these! The holes on the genuine Tourmaline pieces are SO small that I was using 24 gauge wire to wrap them. I tried putting them on headpins, but they would not fit. So I made my own head pins, with a little coiling on the bottom to keep the gemstones on. I also kept true to form and coiled the rest of the wire around them to make "charmy". They are hanging from french wires, and I just love the hammered silver ovals that accent them as well!

Last but not least are the earrings I made to go with the triple strand necklace shown yesterday. So cool, dainty and match perfectly! I like sets!

Thanks for stopping by, I'm off to try to make my quota for today! Check back later to see my progress!

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  1. Holy Cow those pieces are gorgeous!!!! I love them Kristen! Especially the bracelet and earring set! Very cool beads :) :) :)


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