Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday's Deal of the Day!

Here's a sneak peak at today's deal of the day! This is an awesome glass flip flop, perfect for the summertime! Hope you'll head on over to Etsy to check it out! Click here to be brought right to it!

It's the weekend, and you know what that means...I get time to make jewelry! So stay tuned for some new pieces! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Good morning Kristen :)!!! I feel like I lost a couple of days!!! and missed the pinky orange bracelet :( I hope you are having a great Saturday morning :) It's raining cats and dogs here....but they say it will be sunny later on..we shall see :) Love that little flip flop!!! Tell Ann I said hello and will be over around noon for the jewelry making session :)
    Sorry about the out of body experience email I sent you :) I've had coffee and feel much better :)

  2. Ok, we'll pull up an extra chair for you! Never you mind about the out of body experience, wait until you read the one I just had replying to you! ha ha :)
    We are expecting rain later on today, so Clay ran out to mow as many lawns as he could now!
    Don't worry about missing the bracelet, you know if you want it, I'll always make a special deal just for you - just say the word! :)
    Talk to you later!

  3. Word!!!
    I would love the pinky orange bracelet :)

    Cant wait for the jewelry glad your saving me a seat :)
    I love that you have out of body experiences too :) Makes me feel more "normal".....hmmmm is there such a thing?....nope...I am sure I am still pretty crazy..but maybe a little more "normal-crazy". yeah..that sounds more like me :)

    Talk with you guys later!! I'm off to make some beads :)

  4. Hey Ladies, Just got up from my NAP !!! I am ready to GO !!!


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