Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's all about business...

I made an executive decision to close my 1000 Markets Shop last week. I tried it out as a way to see if I would get more traffic by "spreading the wealth around" so to speak. I was wrong. It was a ton of work, and hard to keep track of what was where and I had no sales. Not 1. Not even any leads. Nothing. Kinda depressing isn't it?
So I moved all my beautiful jewels back to Etsy and they all have been viewed many times! No sales yet, but lots of lookers! That's a bonus, and it can't hurt. So I guess until I get my own website set up, Etsy it will be!
I've also been working on trying to get my books in order. There's got to be an easier way! I am very organized in fact that sometimes I sicken myself! LOL! I was trying out Quickbooks to see if I liked it. A friend lent me a disk so I could see how it works, but I only had a limited number of "tries" before it wouldn't work again. I think I like it, even though it's confusing at first. But like anything else you get used to it over time right? So I was getting down to the last couple of tries I had available and yesterday I got an email from Staples that Quickbooks was on sale...for ONE.DAY.ONLY. It must have been fate! So I purchased my own copy and now I have to take a little time to set it all up and get my stuff in order. I think it will make my life easier in the long run but man do I have a lot of work to do.
I'm gearing up for a craft show at the end of October as well so I hope to have some new things to show you shortly!
Hope you have a great day, as for me... I'm hittin' the "Books"! :) Wish me luck!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Now that's a whole lotta sugar right there...

Two of my kids birthday's will be celebrated tomorrow. Jack will be 5 on Sunday, and Meghan 11 on Tuesday. They wanted to have a "Halloween" themed party this year, and I never argue. So I've been cooking all day! I made a baked ziti to be "cooked" tomorrow, my parents are making this awesome chicken dish for me, that we have at this party every year. I also made 14 candy apples (melted chocolate with m&m's, walnuts, candy corn or chocolate chips) in addition to 48 cupcakes! Jack and Matthew decorated one each and then got bored leaving Meghan and I to do the rest ourselves... It smells so sweet in my kitchen right now! :) These photo's are only HALF of what we have!
How'd we do?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sweater Weather...

It's turning cooler here, and I for one am so happy about it. Fall is my favorite season, and it's right around the corner! The air conditioners are coming out of the windows, and the fresh air is coming in. The short sleeve shirts are still being worn, but with a nice comfy sweater on top. I love sweater weather! I also love designing with fall colors and leaf accent pieces. A perfect example of that is this bracelet I made today called "A Walk in the Woods". It features a silver leaf focal piece, accented by an awesome set of beads that I picked up from Kimbeads a long time ago. She doesn't make glass that much anymore, so I've been holding onto it for a special piece. I think this is it! There are all kinds of Bali Silver Spacers, Swarovski Crystals, and it's finished with this very unusual Silver Leaf Toggle Clasp.
"Toasted Almond" is another Fall favorite. Don't these beads look like slivered almonds? I picked these up at the local bead store, I believe they are Czech glass, and so are the big rounds. There are also Cat's Eye donuts and heishi spacers. And of course earrings to match!

I feel completely lousy, I don't think my sinus infection is getting any better so I'm going to call it a night and get these (and the pieces from the other day) listed on Etsy tomorrow!

Hope you have a great night!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A little early Fall cleaning...

We moved into our house in July of 2001. We had very little in the way of furniture or "things" that we needed to store. Our china that we got as wedding gifts, my big papisan chair that I had in my college dorm room and a whole bunch of "hand me down" furniture from my mother in law. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful stuff and I appreciate it but you know how sometimes you just want to be a grown up all on your own and decorate your first house with the things that you like?
Nevertheless, over the past 8 years and 3 kids later, we have accumulated so much crap that my head is spinning! We have a little colonial style house, so you know the attic space has been finished and there are eves on each side of the room for storage. Jam.Packed. I decided today, since I am already nursing a sinus infection and the hubby thinks he's getting Bronchitis and the kids are all stuffy and sneezing and what not...but TODAY I wanted to clean the attic.
I'm SO excited to report that I took out all of the stuff that we sort of "moved in" with. Made a pile of stuffed animals (with Meghan's help, of course) that filled three contractor bags. There are books, purses and clothes, Halloween costumes, and all sorts of baby furniture (cribs, pack and plays strollers, toddler beds, etc.). Plus all the baby clothes that I have left are now in front of my washing machine so that I can get them all fluffed up and ready to display at our TAG SALE!! Yay! We've never had one, in all the years we've been here but now we've finally got enough stuff to get rid of and pass along to another good home. I think we're shooting for an October date, and whatever doesn't sell will be donated either to the homeless or goodwill or maybe both. My Dad works with the homeless outreach program and I know that we can definitely pass along some quilts and blankets, and some winter coats that we've outgrown.
It's been a crazy day, we did so much and now I'm absolutely exhausted. I did way more than I was supposed to do, with regard to lifting and now my back is killing me. A hot shower is in order and then I'm hitting the old bed!
I'm making a custom order tomorrow, so I'll try to get a few new things made as well to share! Hope you're having a great Saturday!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Doing a Happy Dance!!

This is it... THE necklace that I've been working on for the past two weeks. I actually redesigned it again today, and I'm so thrilled with the result. "Dreaming of Dublin" is the closest I can get for now to traveling to Ireland. I will get there someday, but for now, I am just adding to my Irish line of jewelry with this gorgeous necklace and earring set. Glass beads made by Melissa Rediger and Jenelle of Beads and Botanicals. Seed beads and clover links and finished with this awesome pewter button. I love this top photo, I think I will have to use this again somewhere, maybe in some marketing materials. The rest of the pictures are sort of gray, as it was 6:45pm when I started photographing everything.
(I fixed the pictures, they are a little "brighter" now!)
It's a Melissa and Jenelle bead day. I also managed to get this bracelet and earring set done as well. "Woodland" is a beautiful charm bracelet with greens, browns and creams. Cat's eye donuts, Swarovski Crystal, fresh water pearls and a Sterling Silver Leaf Toggle clasp.
"Vineyard II" features more glass seeds from Jenelle that I had left over from another project. I alternated Swarovski Crystals and Meadow bead spacers and finished it with a beaded toggle clasp.
Going to try to get these up on Etsy tomorrow but I feel such a sense of accomplishment getting these pieces completed today. Along with Volleyball practice with Meghan and a bit of housecleaning. I can rest easy tonight. I did what I promised myself I would do. :) More to come, I got some more beautiful beads in from Melissa! LOL! I'm such an addict!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I keep looking for that Silver Lining...

Still nothing to report on the bead front. I'm struggling to find the time these past couple of weeks to get up to my office to create anything. I'm absolutely sick over it. I just want to get moving and it seems like there is always something holding me back. I know that time will get less restricted soon, and things will get back on track and I can't wait for that time to come!
Sunday, for SURE, I'm going to finish that necklace I started over a week ago. I'm desperate to get it done. I'm giving myself a goal of Sunday.
What's been consuming my time you ask? It's the kids. And they come first...always. School started back at the end of August. Getting into a routine has been difficult. Meghan is now in middle school and for whatever reason, I think she has lost her mind. She is becoming extremely forgetful! She's left important papers in the locker, forgotten to tell us about the open house and has had me running all over town getting physical forms filled out so that she can try out for Volleyball. Plus then I have to help her practice, which I don't mind at all - it's good exercise!
The week before school, she got sick, remember? Then Jack got it, and last week Matt got pink eye. I've been driving to the doctor's office 1-2 times each week and I'm so sick of it. I want them to just be well! On top of doctor's appointments for myself, and Meghan's braces are going on next week...It's never ending. October is looking really good! Nice CLEAN calendar! Love that!
Last night at 2am, Jack woke up and was having trouble breathing. I mean really struggling. So I called 9-1-1 and off we went in an ambulance to the ER. He's got Croup, and his muscles were spasming which freaked him out. He's much better today! I'm so glad. But I'm exhausted. So I'm going to try to take a quick rest (yeah that means, I'm curling up with Bruce - the Cat on my recliner and closing my eyes.). All other senses will be functioning, but the eyes will be resting. Just for a little while. I'm so tired. Then tonight I am going to try to get to the office and work a little on that necklace. :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Catching up!

There she is again, my Niki... my baby! She's such a good cat, and like I've said before she loves to hang around me when I'm photographing the jewels. I don't mind at all, she's the best cat! Just love her!
I promised photo's yesterday and was not able to get to taking them. But I did it today! Here's "Forest"
I love this bracelet. I used a beautiful bent bead made by Melissa that has some really pretty green colors in it. The bead is sort of see through and I love the feel of it. I accented it with Sand Opal, and Canteloupe Swarovski Crystals, Bali Silver, Antique Silver coil spacers and some glass seeds made by Jenelle of Beads and Botanicals (SFD). It's finished with a pretty silver toggle.
"Simple Harvest"
Had some extra glass donut beads from Unicorne Beads and I had made a couple of these last year. I still love it and think it's perfect for fall. Simple, elegant, colorful.
"Candy Shoppe"
I have no idea what these beads are. I think they might be Czech glass, but can't be certain. I picked them up at the local bead shop, and they were hanging on the wall with the rest of the Czech glass so I'm going with that but please don't hold me to it. The colors are fun. They do remind me of little candies, although I'm sure that they would not taste very good!! The feel of these is smooth and it's very comfortable to wear.
More to come!! I'm getting my groove back!!
These will be up on Etsy tonight.