Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What's cookin'?

 It's the eve of Thanksgiving, and tonight I do a lot of the prep work for tomorrow's dinner! My mom will be coming by to help out and my house is ready for all the wonderful aroma's that will be filling every corner! I've already got the pear and cinnamon candles burning and it smells wonderful!

Here are a couple of photo's of the badge holders that I made the other day. It's been raining here for two days but I slipped outside and snapped a couple of photo's so that I could get these listed in the shop asap!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! I am giving thanks this year for so many things. Especially for all of the good friends that I have met online and otherwise. You all continue to inspire me!
If you are not braving the crowds on Black Friday, be sure to check out my Etsy store to take advantage of the "Squirrel It Away Sale"!
Be back on the weekend!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Photo's....and a LONG day!

As promised, here are the photo's of the new earrings! I'll get these listed tomorrow. It's been a really long day and I'm marching myself up to bed now! Night all! Hope you had a great day!




I must get to the bead store...

Last night was very productive. I had my sister and her kids over so that I could have some company while I worked on the big undertaking of earrings that I need to create in the next week. I got 10 pairs made and I love them all! I put my sister to work stringing a badge holder for me as well, this time in blues. I need to go to the bead store today and grab some earring findings. I have so many to make and I've completely run out now! I know the ones I want to get, but I have to wait until my Christmas shopping is completed before spending any money on fun things for me, but my normal will do for now! I just need some! In a jiffy! So I have some running around to do this morning, then I'll be back to take photo's of the new goodies and post them up later! Have a great Saturday!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm in a Treasury!

I love this!
My Sugar Plum Earrings were selected to be among this group of pink gifts that will "Make Her Smile"!

I have not figured out how to copy the entire page to show you (I have a widescreen monitor and I think that messes things up when you copy it).
You can check the link here though:
Thanks to myshininglights for including my earrings!

"Squirrel It Away" Sale!

I figured it out! I have been thinking about what I wanted to call my winter sale and I just didn't want to be like everyone else! Black Friday is great and all but I wanted to be different. So I give you the
"Squirrel It Away" Sale!

I found this photo on the internet and this little guy just melted my heart!
So here's the details of the sale:
Starting today, November 17th and going through December 17th, take 10% off  any order up to $100 or take 20% off any order over $100!
In addition there will be FREE SHIPPING on any order as my gift to you! (First Class with Delivery Confirmation!)

Buy your gifts now and "squirrel them away" until Christmas!
Be sure to mention the sale in the comments section of the order and I'll adjust your invoice.

Don't forget that if you can't decide what to buy, Gift Certificates also make great gifts! I can make one in any denomination. (Please note that the sale prices do NOT apply to Gift Certificates).

I'll be sending out a newsletter to announce the sale as well as updating my Facebook Fan Page and Twitter. Be on the lookout for new things to come throughout the sale!
Have fun!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

You know it's Love...

I had so much fun last night shopping for my kids. I can't remember a more productive shopping trip ever. I got almost everything done. Seriously! Almost everything.
It was an eventful night for sure! I'm completely exhausted and may sneak in a couple more winks before they get back. I had my lists ready to go so we started off at the craft store where my daughter had her eye on a bunch of things. She loves to draw, and is very good at it, so I got the majority of her stuff there (Sketch pads, charcoal pencils and even a new portfolio to carry all her supplies in). She's the easy child...
Ann and I decided we had better get dinner before going on, or surely we would not make it through the night. I love Chili's salads, although with the calorie count I'm positive I wont be able to eat again until next Thursday. But if that's the case we may as well have Chips and Salsa too! After all, next Thursday is a long way away! ;)I'm not a fan of sweets but I'm a huge sucker for chips and salsa...bring it on!

So while we were eating we were discussing the boys lists. I had taken them to Target to look around last week and they found a ton of things that they wanted to ask Santa for. I was actually impressed because none of it was really too expensive either. Bonus. The kids can have a nice holiday and I may actually get to put a little money aside to fix my car...again. (See told you, whole new outlook!)
Anyway... Ann thought that maybe we could get the same things at Toys R Us and then I could use the coupon that I had, so I never argue about using a coupon! After we ate and re-caffeinated ourselves across the street at Starbucks we began the second round. Decided against making the trek to Toys R Us, it was pouring and dark and Target was 5 minutes away. So we got everything on the list at Target and at this point I'm a happy Mommy! Headed home to put it all in hiding places! Here's where it gets even better...

So I checked my email when I got home. Mind you, it's 10:00pm. Naturally there's a coupon in my email from Toys R Us for 40% off all bikes. Well, we were going to get Jack a Bike this year, and that's what I needed at Toys R Us. Here's the catch... they emailed the coupon out at 6:03pm, I got home at 10:00pm, and the store closed at 11pm. And the coupon was only good for Saturday Nov. 14! So I did what EVERY good mother would do while still on a shopping high... I printed the darn coupon and got in the car!
My house is a good 35 minutes from Toys R Us. I was physically in the car at 10:15 pulling out of my driveway....I got to the store at 10:32pm... does that tell you how fast I was going? Rain? Baa! No fear, I'm on a mission! Got there, and guess what, they are out of the bike... even though the online store availability checker said that they had it. So, I marched my butt to customer service and asked to purchase the floor know... the one that was WAYYYY up there on the shelf? She very pleasantly said "Of Course", and got someone to get it for me.

Jack is going to love me FOREVER! I got him the very last Tony Hawk Bike in the store (he just loves Tony Hawk), and the free ($25) Helmet to match. WITH the coupon savings of 40% to boot. Now you know it's love right?

I slept like a rock last night! :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Time's a Tickin'!

Today's weather forecast brings much rain, and believe me my Mums need it! They are shriveling up and I feel terrible about it! But today is the perfect day for many other things. I have a bunch of things to do around the house to clean up a bit and get myself ready for Thanksgiving. I host it every year, so I'm getting out more of my Fall decorations and the Pumpkin scented candles! Yum!
I'm also going to go upstairs and make some more earrings to send to Newburyport. They sent me an email this morning with a request for more stock for the holiday's so I have to do that first. But I've asked my best friend to sit with me later so I can create faster! I always work faster with company! LOL! I don't know why that is? Maybe it's the same concept as walking with a friend. You go twice as fast and far while you are chatting and you don't even realize it! But either before or after we sit and design, we're going to get some Christmas shopping done! My hubby is taking the kids and house sitting for my parents tonight so I can get some much needed shopping under my belt and hidden (and hidden VERY WELL from my sneaky little kiddo's) while they are otherwise occupied!
So I've got a full day ahead, and I'm looking forward to it!
I'll be sure to post what I make tomorrow. I think the rain is supposed to stop by then, so I'll get the photo's as soon as it's dry out!

Oh by the way, my mom is wearing her new necklace today! "Where The Wild Things Are" is resting comfortably on her neck on her way to NYC! Have fun Mom!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I really do dream in purple...

Purple is one of my favorite colors. That and Green. I'm sure you notice I use a lot of both of those colors in my designs. But I just love them. All the varying shades of them. Green and Brown and also Purple and Brown are big hits with me. Love the combo's together, which brings me to
"Winding Wisteria". 
(It's very gray outside today, so the branches on my tree are casting a shadow and a blue tint on the photo's, sorry about that! I'm going to retake them in the sunshine tomorrow but wanted to show you the results of my efforts today!)

I sat yesterday and made this piece, and once I started I couldn't stop. My hands are killing me, my neck is so sore from all the seed bead stringing but I had to finish it. No matter what! I knew if I stopped, I might not ever go back to it! So I just kept going...and going...and going! The Energizer Bunny I am not, I was exhausted when it was done. I crashed, and crashed hard! But it's gorgeous and I'm very pleased.

These are Susan Sheehan's beads that I picked up at the gem show I met her at earlier this year. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them, but also knew it would be a big undertaking so I waited until I thought I had the patience enough to see it through until the end.

I even made my own chain links. So there are lots of Glass beads in here, surrounded by the perfect mixture of Swarovski Crystals, Seed Beads, Spacers and Pearls. The colors are so pretty together, despite how muted they look in these photo's!

I even made earrings to go with it, but I did not photograph them today.
I loved the color scheme so much that I made a badge holder with these colors as well!
I think these are such a cute idea. I wish I had a badge to wear! I'm going to make more in different colors. This was my first attempt, and I have to say, I just adore it!

Both of these will be up for sale, I'm going to list them on Etsy later tonight.
I have to pack up the rest of the leftover beads from these and tuck them away for another project later on. The colors are right up my alley! Like I said, I do dream in purple...
What colors do you dream in?

Monday, November 9, 2009

"Where The Wild Things Are"

Ok, here's the story behind this piece. You know there is ALWAYS a story, right?

When my mom comes over she always wants to see what Deb Rosely (littlecrow) has in her shop. My mom is just as much of a bead addict as I am... well, maybe a little less! ;)
She just loves Deb's beads. One day a while back, she saw these and told me to get them. So I did and they've been sitting in my bead box for a bit while I searched for inspiration. She kept telling me to keep it simple. They were pretty enough on their own and they would look nice just strung maybe on some sterling wire or something like that.

So they sat. Unattended for months. I kept reminding myself to keep it simple. It just wasn't happening. I knew that I could not keep it simple with this set of beads. They wanted to play. They needed to be WILD! They were calling for the Bling!

They were speaking my language, because you know it's rare that I do anything simple. I knew what I wanted to do and this is the necklace that I was working on weeks ago but couldn't get the components right. I was trying to teach myself how to make coils. I am a good wire wrapper, but wanted something new and different for me. I've wrapped pieces with seed beads, but these beads wanted shine. I didn't want to take away from their wild side, I just wanted to add to it a little.... Ok, a LOT!

When my mom called today, I told her that I hope she didn't have her heart set on simple for the animal beads. She said..."Oh?" I had to fess up. I had to tell her that I just couldn't do it to them. They wanted to be so much more than simple!
Guess what? She's excited! Love my mom, she is definitely Wild!

I have to get this set over to her as soon as possible, because these beads have been caged up too long in the bead box. They are now full of life and just raring to go! And where are they going you ask? Well, they are going "Where The Wild Things Are!"

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Giving Thanks...and much appreciation!

I may be jumping the gun a bit on the actual Thanksgiving holiday however, I thought I would take a moment to give thanks for all that I have. It's one of those things that I  think more about around the holiday season. I get so stressed out worrying about money and the holidays. I have actually been saying for the past few years how much I "hate" Christmas, but what I really hate is what it's become. The hustle and bustle sets in and you have to start thinking about gifts for the kids, and family, trying to set aside money for the holiday's. It's especially hard when you don't have an income coming in. Sometimes the bills overwhelm you, and the stress of it get's the better of you. I do believe that money is the root of all evil, and there really is never enough to go around, no matter how much of it you have.

Just today I had to explain to my daughter that it's not about asking for the BIGGEST and most EXPENSIVE gift you can think of for Christmas. It's more about asking for something that you really think you can use and that you've wanted for a while and think that you will enjoy having since you've waited to get it. Something that isn't going to get tossed into the corner the day after and something that's not going to break the bank, so to speak. It's going to be another year that we cut back on the gifts and that's hard. But there are more important things to consider right now. It's hitting home more for me this year, because I think about how much I've wasted without even a second thought. (ie: the 3 inches of milk that the kids randomly pour into their bowls that contain only 1 inch of cereal - then I find myself pouring the rest of it down the drain).
I'd like to get back to thinking about what Christmas really means. There are so many things that I have to be thankful for! Health, family, friends, and most importantly a roof over my head.

My father works with the homeless outreach program in one of the local cities here. Every once in a while he asks me to make him some thank you notes made with these photo's that he's taken over the years of the people that he visits. He sends the notes out to those people who make donations to the program, whether it be in the form of food, clothing, blankets, money, etc. When you see what it is that you are donating to, it is very meaningful.

It's a humbling experience for me each time I make a new batch of the notes. Which I did today, and thus the reason behind this post. It makes me think about the fact that I feel like I complain so much about what I need, and what I don't have. My kids too, just like most kids, wish for things that they don't have. Making these notes brings me reeling back into reality. I have so much. I don't need anything. The "wants" can wait.

My family is healthy, all of us. In the midst of all that is swirling around out there, we are all healthy. Granted, living in New England, the weather is very unpredictable. It's been a heck of a summer/fall here with so much rain and wind. But seriously... I shouldn't complain because I am warm and dry inside my home. I have wonderful friends. Many whom I've met online here, blogging, facebooking, networking, etc. I am thankful for you all! You make me feel like I matter, and that's really all I can ask for. So to wrap this up, I'm going to say that I hope that in some small way everyone that reads this post can sit back and just appreciate what they have. Feel blessed that what you work hard for every single day can make you sleep soundly at night. Try to put "Christmas" if you celebrate it, into a new light this year. One that is shining on the true meaning and blessing of the season. Be thankful for what you have. Don't stress about the money, or where it's coming from. Embrace your family, and give thanks. I'm really going to try to make this the best holiday season ever.
Thanks so much for coming here and reading, it really means a lot to me. :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A beautiful sunny day, and pendant photo's!

So excited to show you the pendants I made for my customer order. These will be strung on 18" Steel Cables and given as teacher gifts this year for the holiday's! Each one is unique and it's a great way to use that major stash of beautiful focal glass beads that I have in my bead boxes. They are just crying out for attention and between Pendants and Key Chains, I am certain that they will all be happy in their new homes!
I'm taking orders for these now, so let me know if you are interested. I'm going to get some made up and added to my Etsy shop in the next week or so as well if you'd like to pick from there.

  It's Thursday night, you know what that means right? I'm popping myself in front of Flash Forward, Grey's and Private Practice. Maybe I can get some wire wrapping done. I got in two of my new tools today too!! I told you I was going to get them! Nylon pliers, and bail forming pliers! Just looking for a chasing hammer now! Think I found one I like too! :) Great way to take out your frustrations, just hammer away at some wire!
Be back tomorrow with more!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A little EXAGGERATION can make you a wee bit crazy!

Why do people, and I specifically mean older people, feel the need to over exaggerate everything?
I just got a call from my MIL, who loves to make a big deal about the weather. I guess when you watch the news all day it's par for the course. Anyway, she called to say that tomorrow we'll be "getting snow... from CT all the way up to Maine!" She made it sound like I should be on the lookout for school closings and take the kids snow boots out and have them by the back door. Grab the shovel and keep it handy! Good thing the leaves are getting done tonight by my hard working hubby, because according to her there wont be any sight of the grass until spring!
Now, I watch the weather at least once a day, and this is the first I've heard of said snowy forecast and maybe she has an inside look at something that the rest of us here in CT are not privy to. Here's the forecast that I found when checking up on this new information:
 THURSDAY: A few passing rain showers. Highs only in the upper 40s to around 50. Rain over to a little snow at night.
Ahem...I rest my case.

On the jewelry front, at the request of one of my customers, I came up with some pretty nice gifts for her children's teachers for the holiday's. Now is the perfect time to be thinking about that kind of thing, and then you can just put them away and be ready for when the time comes! I have to take a photo of them, but alas, the battery in my camera was dead as a door nail when I went to take it out today. So it's been charging and I'll take them tomorrow to share with you.
So long as we are not in the middle of a BLIZZARD!!! ;)
Stay tuned!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Getting my butt in gear...and some questions that need answers!

My little Trick or Treaters...
(The Vampire, and the 2 Ninja's!)

Ok, I have a TON of stuff to do. I feel like I'm getting ready for nothing but enough is enough of this slacking! I don't have any show's booked. No craft fairs. I DO have a board going up in my hair salon for the holiday season. That went over well last year. Aside from that, I have nothing. I'm thinking of having an open house again. I did one a couple of years ago and it was fun.

I have so many ideas and have just been putting everything off. I was down for the count a few weeks back with a cold. Got rid of it and somehow it creeped back into my life over the past couple of days. I'm feeling better now, and ready to rock and roll.
I want some new tools. I think I'm going to get some, I deserve it right? I have several things on my wish list. I want a Chasing Hammer. I have a ball peen hammer, and it's nice and all but I want a Chasing hammer. I want Nylon jaw pliers. I feel I need to have them. I also want to find a way to solder things together that doesnt involve too much effort. Any suggestions? I've seen these little "pencil soldering" tools...anyone have those or heard of them? I don't want anything too big or bulky. Just something to solder my jumprings together.

One other question for you. I used to have FeedJit on my blog, just to see how much traffic I got as well as where it was coming from. I have McAfee and over the past couple of days I was getting warnings all over the place that FeedJit was no longer a safe website. It had links to other sites that included malicious downloads. So I got rid of it. Now I'm in search of a new "traffic" tracker. I just don't know who to trust anymore! LOL! Sad, isn't it?  Is anyone else encountering these issues?

Well, I'm going to get some things done tonight with a piece that I've been making components for. I promised photo's of what I was working on last week, but they have not been "Exactly" what I wanted so I'm still working on them! But they are cool, and will hold my necklace together nicely I think!
Promise to show you as soon as it's done! Have a great Monday!