Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mothers Day SALE!

I've just listed a ton of new jewelry in the shop, just in time to select something special for Mothers Day! Take 10% off everything up to $50 and take 20% off everything over $50. Plus FREE Shipping and Handling.
 From now until May 4th. 
Click the link below to be brought right to Etsy!
I know my mother would like almost all of the new items I've just listed. :)
 Happy Shopping!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Loving the Sunshine!

It's been a creative week even though the kids are on school vacation. The sun has been out and so have we. But I still found time to make a few more pretties!
This bracelet is fantastic. I love it! The beads have been hiding in my secret stash box just waiting for the right accents, which I have found and now it's ready to be shared with you. 
"Bay Breeze" Earrings. Love these beads and the color combination!
And here are a couple cute little memory wire rings. Summery! I have two of the blue seashell in stock, one of the dragonfly.
More to come! I love being inspired. And it feels really good to be back on track. :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday fun!

Thank goodness it's Friday. The weekend is just about here and the weather is supposed to be nicer so I'm very much looking forward to that! I sat and made a necklace today, and am so pleased with how it turned out! I was looking online to see if I could come up with a name for it, because the colors remind me of Creme Brulee, but there's a beautiful purple in these beads too. So I searched "Lavender Creme Brulee" and I was shocked to see recipe's come up. There is such a thing, and I had no idea! So, that's what I've named this piece! 
And there are a pair of matching earrings.
Going to get these tagged and added to Etsy hopefully over the weekend!
On a side note, there was a lot of talk about cows today. No idea why. This morning, there was discussion about how part of this necklace reminded someone of cows and Matt had a field trip today to a local farm and he told me when he came back, as he was eating a cookie, that he got to milk a cow! I immediately thought about how gross that sounded as he was eating a cookie, and asked him if he washed his hands. He said yes, because it was DISGUSTING! I'm not sure I would have been a fan of that either, but I'm so proud of my little man for giving it a shot! And for remembering to clean up his hands before he ate! This is not something he always does without 18 reminders! He makes me laugh, and that's always a good way to start the weekend!
Hope you enjoy yours!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bitten by a creative bug!

I started organizing my office the other day. It was mass chaos in there. What I found was that I have a ton of great beads that are just waiting to fulfill their destiny! So I sat today, and a little bit yesterday, and started designing. Oh how I've missed it. It is true what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder. Well, I couldn't help myself and I came up with some really stunning pieces! I got outside in the sunshine about 15 minutes before a passing rain shower came and put a damper on things. Although, my pretty pansies that I just planted could use a drink. So, here is what I came up with today. Still trying to name some but I'll get that nailed down soon enough. 
"Turning Tides" is a bracelet that was inspired by a good friend of mine. 
"Turning Tides" Earrings
"Whispering Waterfall" Bangle Bracelet
 Struggling with a name for this next one. The colors are like those found in a cantaloup, but I can't call it that! LOL! Anyway, suggestions? I'm open.
These earrings are similar in color, and I love the sparkle!
And this last pair was a custom order, and they are sold. But they are stunning!!
Going to get these tagged and ready to go either to some local shops to restock or on Etsy, I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, I'll be back in my office tonight or tomorrow making more. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Give away on Lori's Blog!

I have to post about this give away, because it really IS worth it! I've been interested in stamping for a while now, but have not made the plunge to purchase supplies to try it out. But WINNING supplies would be fantastic!
For your chance to win, visit Lori's blog by clicking below!