Friday, January 30, 2009

Some fun for a chilly day...

I am always amused by cute things. And this is one of those things. My kittens, who are getting big so fast, are adorable. They are both boys, very lovable and entertaining. They have discovered that there are birds outside the windows this week. I don't know what kind of brain damaged birds we have in CT because it's FREEZING out there and they should have all been well on their way to Florida by now, but alas they are out there and they have been spotted by my furry feline friends. Here are a few pictures of Bruce and Eddie "Bird Watching". They make me laugh! They are flying all over the place, the cats that is, trying to get the best spot in the window to catch a glimpse of these birds that are out in the trees. That's as close as they will get because I'll never let them outside, but it is entertaining to watch them and how their ears perk straight up in the air and I don't think they all! :)

I have new pieces started, and I bought a new plate to use as a backdrop for indoor pictures yesterday. So please check back to see what's NEW! :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shower Favors...

I was asked by a previous customer of mine to create a sample set of wine charms for her for a bridal shower that she is planning. I think they came out beautifully! I'm very excited about them! Of course you know that they were made with high quality materials, Swarovski Pearls and Swarovski Crystals and Tieracast Pewter Charms in an Antique Silver finish. I think they are great for a Valentine's gift as well so I am sharing the pictures here, and would be happy to recreate them as a custom order in your choice of color/charms. If you have a particular theme in mind just let me know, I can do St. Patrick's Day, Patriotic, Spring flowers, etc. There are so many options and these are really fun. Great Hostess gifts, teacher's gifts, Housewarming presents... the list goes on.

Would love to know what you think... how did I do? :)

Monday, January 26, 2009


There are not enough words to express my LOVE for this piece! I'm having a hard time not just sneaking this into my Jewelry armoire and keeping it for myself!
Designed with love, especially since you all know how much I do NOT love seed beads!
This piece contains two rows of silver lined seed beads, with alternating sporadically placed Swarovski Crystals in Ruby and Jet Black.

From the center hangs a silver "LOVE" pendant and from that dangles a lovely Lampwork glass bead made by Deb Rosely, adorned by a Bali bead cap and coordinating Swarovski Crystals. I have made a matching earring pair also featuring two of Deb's smaller lampwork glass beads. This necklace set is called
"In the Presence of Love".
I hope you love it too. :)

Up on Etsy it goes...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

New pieces in the works!

Well today I cleaned my office. I bribed Meghan and her friend Haley to put away all my new glass beads into the bead boxes and then let them make themselves some bookmarks. I worked on a couple of orders and now that there is ORDER in my office, I can comfortably sit and create! I'm working on a couple of things for Valentines Day and Spring. I have so many new glass beads and I couldn't be happier! :)

I did find a way to photograph things inside, although I don't like the pictures of some of the glass items as the colors just do not POP, so to speak, as they do when I photograph them outside. I will just pray for sunshine this coming week so that I can share some of the new things with you.

I've listed a whole bunch of my simple designs over on Etsy, and these are styles that I make over and over for customers who don't enjoy wearing chunky glass art pieces. It's been a while since I have listed these for sale, so please go and check them out! I'll be focusing now on adding more glass items to the store and those are more One-of-a-kind pieces that feature the artisan crafted glass beads which I enjoy using much more than the plain styles. At least I can be flexible, right? I have something for everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! More to come tomorrow!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back to Basics...

Goodmorning everyone! Today, I am in the process of listing some pieces up on Etsy that I have been bringing to shows with me and have been asked to recreate time and time again. These simple but beautiful bracelets consist of a variety of Swarovski Crystal colors and various silver and/or pewter pieces and are mostly finished with lobster claw clasps. I'll also be listing a whole bunch of earrings too. Some are made with glass beads, but the majority are simple earrings that are just Swarovski Crystal, Cat's Eye, Silver, etc. There will be a bunch added right to the sale section of my store so go see if you can grab yourself a bargain! I'm working on new glass pieces and am drooling over some new Boro beads that Melissa is making! :) This is a process, so I'll get as many things listed today as I can.

I'm also listing this great Bottle Opener. It's made with a Blue Kazuri Bead and some silver spacers. There is a tiny chip out of the top of this bead (When I say tiny, I mean TINY) so in an effort to be fair, I'm listing this in the Sale section as well.

I hope you enjoy some of my simpler styles, rest assured they are still quality pieces! I understand that not everyone is in the market for glass art at this time, so I thought I would also present to you some of the styles that I enjoy creating over and over in color schemes that suit you! Any questions, please feel free to ask!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm completely stuffed...

Stuffed up that is! I caught the virus/head cold that has been running rampant in my household over the past couple of weeks. It's completely knocked me for a loop! I'm so exhausted! Although I do still do the happy dance when my mailman comes, because I have been getting in some new glass every other day or so. I've almost received everything I have ordered. The last few pieces I made went down to Sandy Hook, and the next few will go up on Etsy. Then I have another project to work on for February.

I hope you'll all bear with me as my head clears, and I'm planning on working on a couple things later while I watch Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice! It's a good tv night, and I am planning on plopping myself upstairs to watch and create! Please check back, I'll have new things to show tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Day...

Today marks a historic day for the USA, the day that Barack Obama became our 44th President. I've been watching the Inauguration all day, looking for my dad amongst the huge crowd (needless to say, I did not see him - be safe Dad!) and just admiring all the people who are in Washington for this historic occasion. Love this photo I found online. It's a new day, change is in the air. Embrace it!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Hearts and Chocolate!

The thermometer says -6 degrees this morning so I was FREEZING outside taking these pictures! I think they are slightly blurry because I was shivering! Sorry about that! Nothing beats natural lighting to showcase the glass colors but I may have to find another way soon! :)

For some reason my white picture plate has gone missing, probably buried up in my office right now. So I had to use this pretty gold one to photograph these pieces. If you look closely, you will see that yes, there is snow under the plate! I thought it might make the underneath look whiter, but it just made the plate colder! Valentines Day is rapidly approaching and I have a lot of new things that I am making for that special day! These two pieces are headed off to Sandy Hook to The Wishing Well on Monday but I thought I would share them with you.

The first is called Chocolate Covered Cherries. Features fabulous lampwork glass beads made by Jenelle of SFD, I just love her beads! The colors are always so pretty to work with! I have added Hill Tribe Flowers, and Swarovski Crystals in Smoked Topaz and Rose. Made little charms that hang out of the flowers and a matching earring pair!

Next is a glass heart bead that I could not pass up. I bought this from someone on Etsy who was cleaning out some of her bead stash and I snatched it up because I couldn't resist the beauty of it. I designed this necklace three different times. The first two times I was not happy with how it looked. It took away from the focus, which is the heart bead, and so I went digging in my supplies for something more simple. I found it!! Gorgeous green potato pearls, separated by Olivine Swarovski Crystals and silver spacers and earrings to match. PERFECT! Still trying to name this one, any suggestions?

I hope you like them! I have been re inspired by all of this new glass that I am getting in so look out! Much more to come! I started another project last night but had to leave it to take Meg to gymnastics and then it was too late to continue it when I got back. I'll try to work on that one today. I'll give you a hint, it has more of Jenelle's beads in it! :) Check back tomorrow, and maybe it wont be so cold outside (doubt it), and maybe I'll find my white plate (double doubt it!). :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Two of my favorite words are "Seriously" (Grey's Anatomy) and "Shut-up". :) I say them with love. When I say Shut-up, I mean it like Elaine on Seinfeld or Stacey London on What Not To Wear. To me, it means that's too cool or that's awesome or something to that effect.

Where am I going with this, you ask? I just got a package from Catherine Ondrey and pulled out these sets of beads that I grabbed from her the other day... Can you say "SHUT - UP"? These are AWESOME! Oh man, do I miss her Boro beads. She put these up because they didn't work with her original design and scrapped them to use something else. Well those of us who were on top of her blog got to purchase them! Shut -up! Love them! Now comes the task of designing something as beautiful with them to do them justice. :) I'll be doing that in my head over the next couple days. I do have a new design halfway completed upstairs that I hope to finish tonight to be shown tomorrow. Please check back, Seriously! :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


A kid after my own heart! Asleep at the computer! This is Matt, and it was late last night but he had to play his "fishy" game before he went to bed and I guess it just tuckered him out! It was a sleepy day here for Mimi too. Here's a shot of my baby sleeping comfortably in front of the heat. She's no fool! It's cold here in CT, will be in the 20's all week and that's just way too chilly for my taste! Perfect weather for snuggling up under those warm blankets and taking a cat nap! I've received 1 of the shipments of beads I ordered, so I'll be busy with those tomorrow! Check back for pictures!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh Yeah!

Watching one of my favorite shows, 24, and surfing on Etsy. I have been waiting for Catherine Ondrey to list some of her Boro beads and I caught them just in time!! She has taken a break from making glass beads and moved into a new venture of making glass/silver creations but I so miss her Boro! I grabbed a few sets and can't WAIT to share them with you all! Stay tuned for some fabulous new creations featuring Catherine's beads! :) So happy~!

As promised...

I kept my end of the deal and on the last day, I have completed two pieces to show! YAY! In between school delays, vacations, painting the living room (which is still in process), and taking the cat to the vet, I managed to get these beautiful pieces of jewelry made!

First is a really long and beautiful pair of earrings that are not for the faint of heart! These are really LONG earrings but definitely something that will catch the eye! These are called Toad Skins, and the lamp work beads are made by one of my favorite Glass Artists, Michele of Moonfairy Glass. Michele, if you are reading this - I miss you my friend! I made some beautiful silver links, wrapped them with Swarovski Crystals and dropped the glass beads from them. Then made some dangling charms at the bottom. Really funky!!!

Next are two sets of glass beads made by none other than my very dear friend Carey! I combined the two sets into this fabulous necklace and earring set and called it Dusk at Red Rock Canyon (Thank you Ann Marie for help with the name). They are very earthy and sparkly and I have wire wrapped these beads in sections, separated by Silver oval links, and Swarovski Crystals. It's finished with a hammered toggle clasp. The earrings have glass as well to round out the set. So pretty and feminine. Thanks Carey for your awesome beads! :)

More to come this week, please check back!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Movie Night!

Now I never go to the movies, unless it's Harry Potter or something that I can't bear to go one more minute without seeing. I ventured out tonight with my mom to see Bride Wars. Oh my gosh, it was hysterical! Just what I needed after a long week, was a good laugh. Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are so funny in this movie. Had a great ending too. I wont spoil it if you are planning on seeing it but I will encourage you to go if you are in the mood for a light comedy!

I have some new pieces in the works, hopefully to be completed tomorrow and ready for posting. I will also have some really good news to share in the next couple of weeks! Can you STAND the anticipation? Stay tuned! :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Guess What?

Due to the ICE storm we had Tuesday evening, School was closed yesterday and they have a delay today. I guess better safe than sorry, but it's taken a lot of time away from what I need to get done, that's for sure! I've been trying to get up to my office to create some new things, and have gotten as far as pulling out the beads that I'm going to work with so I can work in my mind on their design. Once these kids are on the bus today, and out of my house I'm going to prop Matt up with some snacks and his favorite movie, Wall.E, and go upstairs to create!! Stay tuned for pictures~ I promise they are coming! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I just bought the most beautiful beads on Etsy! Oh my gosh. I can't WAIT to get them. You all will be surprised but I'll tell you that they are for Valentines Day, which is right around the corner!

It's been such a busy week getting the kids back on track and back to school. I've been cleaning up the house after the two week tornado that blew through here while they were home. Carey and I made a deal to get some beading done this week. She agreed to make some beads and I agreed to make some jewelry by the end of the week! We "cyber shook" on it! ha ha I hope to have the house pulled together and feeling settled by this afternoon and that will leave me time to design this evening and tomorrow. I'll get some pictures up asap! Tomorrow we are expecting more snow. What else is new. That's what we get for living in New England!

Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Blizzard the Kitty!

I absolutely LOVE these beads made by Susan at The Glass Beadest. I saw this kitty "Blizzard" and I was not letting him go home with someone else. The coordinating rounds had caught my eye before and he was the perfect focal to match! I used Swarovski Crystals in Sand Opal and Smoky Quartz, drum beads and a bali toggle to complete this beautiful bracelet. Blizzard is now resting comfortably in his new home, which is around my wrist. I can make more of these if there is an interest, Susan has some REALLY pretty kitty beads in her shop! Let me know what you like, and I can customize a charmy bracelet just for you! Thanks Susan, these are exactly what I wanted!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A contest for 2009!

Happy New Year everyone!
I thought I would hold a contest this first day of 2009. It is a multiple choice question. The first person to leave a comment with the correct answer wins a $20 gift certificate to my store! How's that for starting the year off with a Bang!
Here goes:
In ancient Egypt what event dictated the timing of New Year's celebrations?
A. Pharaoh's birthday
B. Flooding of Nile
C. Solar eclipse
D. Exact alignment of stars with Great Pyramid

Good Luck!
1 guess per person, please!