Sunday, August 17, 2008

Atlantic Meets Pacific...

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, however, it was not for a lack of working! With the kids being home now there is lots of laundry to do and miscellaneous cleaning but I did manage to sit down and make three of these beautiful bracelets last night when Ann was visiting. My hands are killing me from all that wire wrapping! Between Ann and I, we got our hands on three sets of these beautiful beads made by Catherine Ondrey. So naturally one of these bracelets is mine, and you guessed it... one is Ann's (she took hers home last night)! But the other is up for grabs!

I'm calling them Atlantic Meets Pacific because of the colors of the Swarovski Crystals I used in this design. They match the beads perfectly! They are Tourmaline, Bermuda Blue and Pacific Blue Opal, how great is that? I added some Antique Silver Panten Beads, Heishi spacers, two types of Hill Tribe Silver Spacers and a beaded toggle clasp that I thought kept in line with the other materials in the piece. Ann's has the same toggle, but I put a different one on mine, only because I liked it! I'm the designer, I'm allowed!

The available one will be going up on Etsy shortly and then I am off to my nieces birthday party for the afternoon. I'll be back later, maybe with a new picture, but definitely a note on my next project from the "BOOK"... I LOVE that book! I'm going to call these next bracelets I'm working on, my version of a "Kitchen Sink" series. I know other people have used that term, and it really is appropriate for what I am thinking for these bracelets... I'll leave you with that thought and be back later on to explain more. Have a great day!

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  1. Beautiful bracelet Kristen!!! I love those beads :)
    so sorry I missed the beading session yesterday :) I'll be sure to catch the next one! Tell my friend Ann I said hello!!!
    I hope the weather there is as beautiful as it is here :) Have a wonderful day!!
    Carey :)


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