Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Project!

This is the new project that I was telling you all about earlier that I wanted to try, called my "Kitchen Sink" series. This bracelet was inspired by the project in the Wire Style Book submitted by Jodi L. Bombardier (She called it the Grapevine).

These pictures were taken inside at my kitchen table, so forgive the lighting, I'll get a better shot tomorrow outside. But I wanted to show Ann, and this is the only way I can share photo's with her. DAMN AOL! :)

I used Swarovski Crystals in Olivine, Light Olivine, and Violet, with Swarovski Pearls in purple and green and beige, and then some white seed beads that were top drilled and loads of silver spacers....

OK, now comes the question of the hour... What do YOU think? Let me know!
Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. hahahah I knew THAT was coming! ha ha Love it don't you?? I know I do! Where's Carey,... I know she'll have an opinion!

  2. Hey guys!! That is really delicate and beautiful Kristen! I love Ann said...where's mine?

  3. See what you have started now you have to make 2 more!!!

  4. ha ha If only I could get off that easy! I know my mom will want one too! Anyone else? :)

  5. Very striking design!! Just lovely!! ~Cindy Lietz

  6. Thank you Cindy! Thanks for stopping by and also for leaving a comment. I get a lot of traffic, but it's always nice when someone adds their thoughts. Thanks again!


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