Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jack's First Day of Pre-K!

And yes, there were tears... mine, not his. He was such a BIG boy and I'm so proud of him! He waited patiently for the bus, that was late. He got on, buckled his seat belt and sat near the window so I could see him drive off. Of course, then Clay and I got ourselves and Matt into the car and drove to the school to make sure he arrived safely. He did great! Didn't even know I was there, across the parking lot taking his picture. Clay told me I was being a stalker, ha ha But he's my baby I told him! I had to make sure he was safe and sound before coming home. All in all it's been a hectic morning/early afternoon. So once I get him off the bus I'll be headed to my foot doctor follow up... cross your fingers that I have made some healing progress! I'm so sick of this darn boot! :) Be back tomorrow for another update! Oh, and for those of you waiting for my newsletter, I'll be getting that out shortly. It's been a crazy weekend!

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  1. How cute is that, almost makes me cry. I went through that exactly. Cana did a great job starting preschool, it was me who cried.

    Love all the designs you have been making. Hope your appt goes well!


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