Sunday, September 28, 2008

Office 360

One of my first posts when I started this blog was to show off pictures of my new office space. I was so excited to have my little room where I could come in and close the door, play my music and just create in peace. I must say that I still LOVE my office. I have made many improvements since the start and thought it was time to share. I was taking pictures of the kids birthday cakes that were resting safely on my desk and took the opportunity to photograph the rest of the room while I was at it. So here is the guided tour:

When you open the french door to my office, this is what you see first. I have a big beautiful window that lets in a lot of light.
Here is the shelf that Clay made for me for Christmas last year. I just love it. It hold my clock, my hand painted wine bottle candle holder that I held on the plane all the way back from Sanibel Island, my votive holder made by another very talented and super nice Etsy member (paperplanet) a little pottery dish made by my daughter in 3rd grade, a Boyd's bear snow globe music box that plays You are my Sunshine (given to me by my mother) and my beautiful ceramic elephant that matches the pink and green decor of the room.
There is Ann's seat - my left arm as I call her. This is where we sit on the weekends and create, but that's her spot! :)While reading Kerry Bogert's blog a few months ago, she was talking about Inspiration boards that she had found pictures of out on Flickr. I thought that was such a good idea too, since I usually write things down and stick them somewhere never to be seen again. I came up with a way to create my own inspiration board out of cork board and of course a Pier 1 cast iron photo holder. Of course they are empty now, but I just put them up. One block for each season and a couple extra for new ideas. Color swatches, pictures, themes, anything to spark my creativity. My desk is special to me too, as it was my uncle's. It was made for him by a good friend of my grandparents and when he passed away, it was offered to me. I'm so sentimental about certain people and so naturally I jumped on it!
This is a picture of my Jewelry Armoire (which I purchased last year from where else? Pier 1 Imports) I have the mirror that hung in my grandfathers room (he is a constant source of inspiration for me), and my closet. Yes the door is closed because I didn't think to open it, but it's where I keep all my beads, all neatly organized in trays and bead boxes, my stereo (the speakers are around the room) and my show supplies. On the handle to the closet door is my Pink Lemonade Boutique bag, which I'm sure a lot of you know about. She makes fabulous bags, and I bring this one to every show I do.
Here's the door again, but from the other side of the room. The table behind the door was my nightstand when I was a kid, and the photographs are of my Peony's from last spring. Tucked neatly in the corner behind the nightstand is my grandfathers cane. (See, I told you he was a constant source of inspiration for me, actually he was my hero and I keep a few of his things around me all the time so I can still remember what a great man he was).
And that's it! This small but cozy space is all mine and this is where I create all my beautiful jewelry for you. I hope you have enjoyed your tour! I'll be sitting at my desk later doing some creating I'm sure. I have so many things I want to do and the ideas need to pop out of my head, onto my inspiration board, and then into the jewelry!
Have a great Sunday!


  1. Very cool!!! And yes that is MY chair!!! HAHA

  2. Oh I love it Kristen!!! I need a chair!!!!! :) I love the color of your walls too!!! and your inspiration board is very awesome....I just love Pier one!!!!

    Ann....make sure I get a chair ok??


  3. I will Carey, you can sit right next to me!!!! We can both give her our orders of what we want her to make us!!! HAHA

  4. Don't worry Carey, I have another Pier 1 chair that matches these downstairs with your name on it! everything I own is from there, It's my favorite store. Thanks guys, I love my little room too! Carey, the walls are Tennesee Haze (I believe it's a Behr paint color). :)

  5. So glad to see you guys are remembering to include me :) I just love pier one too!!! Thanks for the paint color Kristen! I really like it!!!


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