Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ugh, this RAIN!

I know we can probably use it, but we already have water in the basement and it is depressing the heck out of me! I can't help clean it up because I am wearing this boot and can't get it wet and I can't walk without it so my poor husband has the pleasure of bailing us out all on his own. Guess he better enjoy himself playing cards tonight, as he will have lots of work to do tomorrow!

Anyway, I got my hands on one of the flyers for the Brass City Harvest Farmers Market, Crafts on the Green in Waterbury that I will be selling at this coming Thursday. I hope all of you locals who read my blog will take a drive down to see me (and Ann Marie, of course!) and all the other talented crafters who will be there from 11am - 3pm! It's sure to be a blast!

Hope to see you there!


  1. Hi Kristen!!! The craft fair looks like lots of fun.....I hate that I live so darn far away :(

    We got insane amounts of rain today too.....our fire place is leaking so at first the water was coming from the ceiling into the living room in front of the fireplace...then it starting coming down the wall (on the inside) and leaking from behind the slate rock on the fire place!!! I kept waiting for the ceiling to start falling's always something it seems :)
    Sorry to hear you are creating a swimming pool in your basement....I'll be sure to bring my bathing suit :)
    Tell Ann hi for me and have a good evening!

  2. We'll have to say a big Thanks but no thanks to "Hanna" for all of that water! We actually got off pretty easy compared to what you just described, as well as what I'm sure a lot of people are bailing out from this morning that got hit full force. I wont complain anymore about it, I'll just say a prayer for all of those who lost lots more than just a little sleep over this storm.

    Hope you are drying out now? How's your damage report looking?

  3. Hi Kristen, Well at least you're not here in Florida with our hurrincane season in full force now. Every time one comes by I wince. We've been lucky so far...we are in the gulf, and they seem headed this way this year. At least you have a basement to take cover in! None here :( Good luck with the craft fair. Have you done many? Cindy

  4. I have done a few, I do mostly home shwos. Craft fairs are a crap shoot! ha ha Not to deter you from doing them. But you have to have an open mind when doing them because if it is a lousy day and there is no traffic you will be lucky to make your space fee back. Which is discouraging. I am hoping that we have a nice day and that lots of people come out and stop by!

    I don't envy you being in Florida right now, Ann and I love Sanibel Island but we usually wait until Hurricane season is over before traveling out that way! Hope you continue to be lucky and stay dry!! :)


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