Friday, September 12, 2008

and the winner is...


Let me know what you would like me to design for you, a Key Chain, Phone Charm, Pendant?

Or do you want to leave it up to me to decide. :)

Thanks to everyone else who participated! Don't worry I'll do this again sometime, it was a lot of fun. I have something in mind for around Thanksgiving time, but maybe I can get somthing in before that as well.

Have a great night!


  1. Holy Cow thats MY name!!!!!! Ohhhh I am soooo excited!!!! I just posted a comment on my blog under your comments that I was going to bed and now I am WIDE awake with excitement!!!! Doing a happy dance!!!! YAY!!!! Thank you thank you !!!! Tell Megan I could just KISS her for pullin out my name :) :) :) I would LOVE whatever you want to create!!! Surprise me :) :) :)
    Thank you Kristen :)

  2. oh I just noticed that Gary is on Meghan's shirt!!! I love Gary....meow

  3. MEOW back at ya! ha ha I just bust out laughing when I read that! ha ha You are too funny! Sitting here chuckling! I'll be sure to tell Meg, and she was happy to do it! Ok, I'll make you something great... I think I know what you'll like... :)


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