Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Idea's!

I have a mountain of new jewelry designs in my brain! I need to discuss some of my thoughts with my friend Carey, who will I'm sure create the best beads for the job! I'm gearing up for fall, and of course, my favorite holiday... HALLOWEEN!! Last year I could not find any halloween beads that I liked enough to buy (or that I could afford... artisan crafted glass beads are expensive!). So this year I decided that instead of spreading out my purchases, I'm going to consolidate and try to bribe Carey to design my line! We'll see if she's game! :)

With that said, it's been a crazy week here already. I'm finding less and less time to sit and create new pieces, because we are having an issue with one of my cats and she is pretty much destroying the carpets in my house. So I have been consumed with trying to clean up after her and needless to say, we have already had to cut the majority of the carpet out of the hallway upstairs. So hopefully we can get that situation under control... QUICKLY and then I can move on to bigger and better!

Hope you all have a great day, I'm off to get the kiddo's ready for school, then I'll have a little time to do something for myself... hmmm what will it be? I wonder!

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  1. Hello there Kristen!!!! You bet I'm on board my friend :) :) I'm excited to hear about your thoughts and ideas.
    Sorry to hear about the kitty issue...that doesnt sound like fun! Hopefully it will all be squared away quickly and you can get back to "normal".
    Talk with you soon!!!!
    Tell Ann Hi for me


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