Sunday, September 7, 2008

The sun is out!

And it's hot again! Good grief! I can't stand this heat. Thank goodness there is a breeze. I'm completely unmotivated to make jewelry today, I have my hands completely full here with the kids today. They are bored and driving me mad. My husband is not home and so I am here alone with them and fighting a killer headache. SO, with that said, I'll try to do something on a positive note.

Let's have a contest, anyone up for it? I just realized that I made it to 50 "Hearts" on Etsy, so in appreciation of all of you who have marked my store as a favorite I have this really cute Heart focal bead that I am dying to make something with. This is a picture of the focal bead not made into jewelry yet. What I would like to do is find out from you, my loyal customers and fans of my work... what was it about my jewelry that won your "heart"? Tell me your thoughts, and I'll design something for the winner with this beautiful heart bead. It may be a ring, or a pendant, key chain, cell phone charm... the possibilities are endless! The winner will be drawn at random (by one of my kids) after I place all entries into a hat. So go on... get writing, you will have until next Friday, September 12th! Tell me what's behind your heart!

Talk to you soon!


  1. Yay!!!!! I LOVE contests :) There are soooo many reasons why I love your jewelry! My biggest one is that you are able to create amazing pieces with my beads (something that has always "bummed" me out about bead making---I could never come up with an awesome way of wearing them for myself). I Love the way you have an eye for putting colors and textures together too...sometimes your pieces are simple and elegant- like you know when just enough parts are needed...Just when I am in love with your simple elegance you go and WOW me with a piece that has soooo much to it that it would not be perfect if anything was missing - like all your little dangles and curly cues you add..such a unique and fun touch! Your colors...your designs....I am always excited to see what's new here in your blog and every time I see one of your new creations I always feel like Elaine on Seinfeld pushing Jerry saying "Get Out"!!! You Rock Kristen :) Keep on doing what you are doing.... I LOVE EVERYTHING :)

  2. Well THANKS Carey!! Yay, my first comment! I know I can always count on you!

    I appreciate your words, more than you know! I love to designs a variety of things, because there are so many different people in the world that like so many different things. I like to have something for everybody!

    I just realized how good my Macro lens really is... geez you can see my whole fingerprint! ha ha

    Thanks again!

  3. your so very welcome :) I'm a HUGE fan :) :) :)

  4. Kristen, well it's hard to top everything Carey said! She said it all! But for me, I love the way you use color combinations, bead and findings combos, and you always use high qualilty findings, beads, Hill Tribe silver (which I love myself). All your work looks very professional and well made, and your photography skills are excellent as well, which helps alot when trying to portray jewelry on-line. You are very professional. Keep up the great work!


  6. Ann Marie,
    You are SO fresh! I did not exclude friends and family so it is fine for you to participate in this here contest. I do exclude you from others that you help me set up though, as that would definately be fixed! ha ha

    Cindy, thank you so much for the comments. I struggle so much with the photography, however, since I got my new camera it has made my "jewelry photography" much more pleasureable!! I'm glad that it is coming across good on your end though, that makes me feel good! I try so hard to show all the details, as buying jewelry online is hard to do when you can't touch it or feel it or try it on. But if I can accurately portray the colors, and details then I know that my customers will be more apt to buy and love what they receive if there are no surprises. Thanks so much again.... and your name goes in the HAT!! :)

  7. What I love about your jewlery is that every piece comes from your heart-- you can totally tell that it is a passion that you have-- a true love to design-- and the pieces you create truly are unique -- there is something for everyone and a price for everyone-- and I love to look through the private stash!!!!

  8. Thank you Sarah! I appreciate that! Another fan of my private stash! :) I'll enter your name! Stay tuned for the drawing tomorrow! Good luck!


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