Saturday, May 17, 2008

Today's the day to shine!

And who wouldn't shine with all these sparkles! Check out the new pieces I made last night! As I said, I'm holding off on adding to the store - trying to save up for the craft fair, unless you are interested in something. If so, just give me a holler!

A little background... Call of the Wild, is a funky charm bracelet made with all kinds of glass beads with various animal prints in them. (Sorry for the crooked pictures, the sun was overexposing it, so I had to tilt a little). I added Bali Silver and a Silver toggle clasp to make it really shine! I love this bracelet! Love, love, love!

The green earrings are mine, as there are small stress cracks in the glass, but I could not resist making myself a pair of earrings (thank you again, Carey!) with them. I would hate to have them break on anyone else, but Carey has LOTS of pretty beads that I can make this style of earring with so let me know if you would like a pair.

The flower glass focal is one of my favorites, it's SO elegant and has a little Cubic Zirconia chip in the center of the flower. This has all of my favorite colors in it and I added a bunch of charms near the Bali Toggle clasp.
Enjoy your day, I hope the sun us shining where you are!

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  1. All of these are so lovely!!! I really love the animal print bracelet!! Beautiful, beautiful!!!


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