Thursday, May 29, 2008

One more update today...

I did it!! I sat with my music crankin' and the boys dancing next to me and I made more pendants and a really pretty bracelet! I'm on a roll with my pendants, as I had this pretty stained glass jewelry stand handmade for me to feature them. So I think I have enough to hang on it now. These specifically have glass beads from Michele of Moonfairy Glass, Melissa of Sea of Glass and Carey of Sassy Stoppers! All have been accented with Bali silver and Swarovski Crystals in their respective colors and can be hung on a silver chain.

The bracelet is made with beads from Kimbeads and they have a lovely deep purple swirl in them and they also go great with the Crystals in Purple Velvet and Crystal Golden Shadow. I have stacked spacers, like I love to do and finished it with a couple of matching drop charms near the toggle clasp.

I was thinking that I put wire wrapped charms into mostly everything I do, and I was trying to think of a new little "tagline" ... what do you think of "Every piece has a little bit of Charm!" or "I put a little Charm into everything I do"... any comments?

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  1. You are one busy lady! I love your pendants! I really love the colors in the first one! will have to let me know how much everything is! I don't know if I want these beautiful treasures going to the Jewelry sale on the 7th!!! I want them!!!


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