Friday, May 30, 2008

As promised!

I never break a promise! Here is the result of my mad beading session last night, and I am SO pleased with the pieces!
I love love love bangle bracelets, so the first is a beautiful glass focal bead with tan, brown, green and cream colored swirls of color, accented by gorgeous hammered silver bangle tubes (from Thailand) and Swarovski crystals to match. I have wrapped a bunch of charms to dangle near the heavy weight Bali Silver Toggle clasp. This bracelet is one of my husbands favorite style that I make and he was commenting on how much he liked the colors in this piece specifically. (They are so me!)

Next, we have a beautiful Square glass focal bead made by Iris (Iris Glass Art), which has awesome depth in the blue/green swirls of color! I have tried to stay true to the shape and accented this piece with Square spacers and star burst pewter beads, and of course a charm or two near the clasp. You gotta love the charms! It helps to weight the pieces plus it gives it that little something extra!

Finally, I have a blue set of beads similar to these pink ones in a previous post which I made into necklaces, but these I did a triple strand bracelet with! I, again, found these at the local bead store, along with the "vintage" pink elongated beads which I think just add a little character to the piece. You can wear this in straight strands or twist them up before clasping it to give it a different look.

Back to the drawing board today, I have SO many more ideas in my head that I am trying to get out but each piece is lovingly created so there is no rush! I can't believe everything I got done yesterday, and I still have a week left! Yahoo! As always, if there is anything anyone wants listed before it goes off to the show just give me a shout and I'll put it on Etsy for you!

Enjoy the great weather today! I already had the boys out in the sandbox, but I caught Jack feeding Matt sand with a shovel so he just came out of time out and is taking a little "break". ha ha Kids!! Don't they say you eat a pound of sand before you die?? Well poor Matt has a good head start on that just from today and it's not even 11am yet!

Hopefully more to come later on! :)


  1. Oh My...I love the bangle bracelets! They are beautiful! I especially love the blue one (that is my color :))
    Thanks so much for adding the prices :) one problem though.....there is no price on the dance of the sugarplum beadies :) :) :)

    I actually got to the torch YAY and will have more rings up this evening :) I really want to quit my day job LOL!!! I also plan to torch way into the late hours of the night tonight!!!

    Have a wonderful Friday!

  2. Ha ha, ooops! Forgot that one! I am asking $40 for those. I'll edit the post and add it there. Love the idea of the prices, hopefully that will help people feel the need to BUY them! ha ha Can't wait to see the stuff you have! I better find some money! :) :)


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