Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Future Big Band Musician

I could not resist sharing these pictures of Meghan that I took tonight before she left for her Spring Concert at school. I stayed home with Matthew, partly because I know he would not sit for that long, and partly because I have a killer headache tonight, and the thought of the fourth grade band concert was making it pound even harder! But my mom went and Clay and Jack so she had her support group there! I'm sure she did great!

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  1. Oh my goodness she is beautiful! You should be so proud! And the Trombone, that is quite an instrument! These pictures bring back memories of when I was in school ...I played the flute :) My daughter attempted the clarinet, but after six months, much to my dismay (and my father's) decided she preferred soccer :( I think she was just irritated that she couldn't play the saxophone. We are still hoping she will get back into music! My dad makes violins!! Anyway, fantastic pictures :) Thank you for sharing and I hope you feel better soon!


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