Friday, July 31, 2009

Only for Facebook fans...

I bet you can guess what the weather is today... (*grin*) Yep, it's raining! What else is new. Anyway, I wanted to just let all of you know that I am holding a contest, but ONLY for my Facebook fans! If you want the details, then head on over and
Here are a couple of pictures of my Lily Garden. It smells SO good when you walk up the back steps! Normally this garden is filled with Lily's, but this year there is only a little section...hmm do you think the rain has something to do with it? Maybe when it dries out we'll see some more! PFFT! Who am I kidding, I think we are all going to float away! Better get to work on that ARK!
Enjoy! Back with more jewels later on!

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