Friday, July 24, 2009

An introduction, and lots of earrings!

Well the sun is not out... unfortunately. But I wanted to get these pictures taken early as I have lots of running around to do this afternoon. First off, an introduction. Meet "Karleigh". Karleigh is one of the girl baby names that I liked, however, after Meghan I had two boys... so now I can use the name for something else! I purchased Karleigh to make my earring photography easier, plus I thought that she was really pretty, and at $9.99 at Marshalls was a steal compared to the really jazzed up versions selling everywhere for $30 and up! So Karleigh is my new earring holder, and I promise to have a prettier background next time. As you can see, the kiddie pool in the background and the miscellaneous toys in the backyard. But I had to hurry, I was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes so I plunked my butt on a very soggy deck and just had at it! So I hope you'll forgive the background noise and just enjoy the jewelry!
"Embers" made with beautiful pieces of genuine Amber, accented by Light Colorado Topaz and Copper Swarovski Crystals, and silver spacers. They hang from Silver Post's, which I don't normally use, but these have a beautiful leafy pattern in them and I thought they were very different and great for the fall.

"Avocado with Lime". Here's the first of Heather's disks that I paired together in a beautiful Gray color and lime green. The green gives the gray a "greenish hue" and it's just so pretty. In this pair I used Light Olivine and Black Diamond Swarovski Crystals, silver spacers and beautiful heart shaped sterling silver leaf charms at the bottom. They hang from another one of my cool earring finds, sterling silver ear wires with White Topaz stones in them. Very very pretty!

"Vineyard". More of Heather's Disks, this time in two shades of purple. Accented by SFD glass petite organic glass beads in Moss and Purple, Antique silver Meadow beads, Olivine and Amethyst Swarovski Crystals and silver grape charms dangling below! So cool! I love these!

Here's the one beachy set, but I thought they were really pretty. "Sea Mist" is made with two colors of Heather's glass disks in blue and yellow. They are accented by these awesome colored seed beads that I picked up in my local bead store, some silver spacers and Capri Blue Swarovski Crystals. I put these on some Saki Silver earwires... I am going to need to get some more of those... they are fun, and I think I can do a lot with them!

"Woodsy" made with Silver beads, Pine cone charms, Fire Opal Swarovski Crystals, and a couple of disks that I can't remember who made them, but I had them for a while in one of my boxes and I thought the colors were really nice for the fall.

"Autumn's Splendor" More of Heathers Disks in an Amber and Olive mix. I paired these two together, and it's one of my favorite fall combo's! I used Bali Spacers, Swarovski Crystals in Olivine and Copper and dangled some really pretty and very detailed Sterling silver leaf charms below. These hang from another of the new earwires that I found, this time with small Peridot stones in them.

And last, but certainly not least "Willow" made with the Chocolate brown Disks, Bali Spacers, Smoked Topaz and Light Colorado Topaz Swarovski Crystals, and Sterling Silver leaf charms. These hang from beautiful Willow Sterling Silver earwires and I'm telling you, I'm now HOOKED on these earwires!

And there you have it, the results of my mad earring beading session last night! I love earrings, I love making them. They are all so different and pretty, I just don't think I could pick my favorite at this point. I'll get these up on Etsy tonight, and then perhaps you can pick your favorite!


  1. I like them all, but "Sea Mist" is my favorite. I love your new display, too. That's very cool!

  2. You have been BUSY!!! I love the little wavy disks!! Beautiful earrings, Kristen. Oh and Karleigh is perfect for the job :)

  3. Fantastic earrings and a great new way to photograph them!

  4. I adore Karleigh! What a great find. I don't think I can pick a favorite pair out of the bunch either! At each photo I looked at I thought it had to be the best pair. I am probably partial to the purple ones though. I also love sea mist...I really love all of them...


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