Sunday, July 26, 2009

I heard it through the...grapevine!

Sat down this morning while the kids were running around the house screaming... I needed a moment... So I sat, in my nice QUIET office, where my awesome hubby was applying some vinyl lettering to my wall (more on that later) and designed this beautiful two strand bracelet called "Grapevine". Features some of my favorite Glass seed beads from Jenelle of SFD in purple and green (Go figure!). There are Bali Silver spacers, Olivine and Amethyst Swarovski Crystals and a pretty silver toggle bringing it all together. I'll try to get this up on Etsy or 1000 Markets tonight! For now, I'm back to listening to the kids scream! I think I need to invest in some earplugs...what do you think? :)


  1. I just love your designs. They are truly wonderful. I will be adding you to my blog roll, I hope you will visit mine and add me to yours if you like my designs too.


  2. Beautiful Kristen!! I love the purple and greens!!

  3. Love the bracelet, but had to giggle a bit as I just bought those exact same purple beads from SFD! I will be hard pressed to come up with as nice of a design as yours, though. And for the screaming - well, at least that's how I know mine is still basically alive and well. It's when it gets "too quiet" that I get worried LOL! But maybe there's a market for beaded earplugs?


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