Thursday, July 30, 2009

uh - oh...

A year ago I broke my foot... it's been a very long healing process, and I'm sad to say that it will never be the same. Well yesterday I tripped over Matthew in the kitchen (where he came from, I'll never know, he just appeared out of nowhere!) and I landed on it wrong and hurt it again. I don't think it's broken, however, I am going down to have an X-Ray just in case. It hurts, but I can walk on it and drive no problem. But just to be on the safe side, I'm going to have it checked out. So a small break in the action today for a little trip to the doctor's office, but I'll be back later to make more jewels and hopefully be able to post them!
Wish me luck!
7:00pm UPDATE - There is nothing broken! No cracks or fractures. Just an indent where I pushed in the bone when I fell on it. It should be better in a few days! YES! Thank goodness for small favors! Now, that little boy needs to stop jumping out in front of me! :)


  1. Holy cow!!! Geez I'm so glad you didn't break it again!!!! You take care of yourself!!!

    miss you :)

  2. ohhh no! that's not good. i hopep you feel better really soon!

    i stepped on a tiny lego about six years ago and it broke some of the bone off in my heal, i've never been the same either. it's the worst when it's dealing with your feet. who knew walking was so important?

    xo to you!


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