Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Monday everyone! And what a Monday it is! I had a great contest on my Facebook Fan page this weekend, so thanks to everyone that signed up and participated! I am going to do it again soon, so if you want to take part, then hop over and join me!! It was a blast!
I'm moving really slowly today. It was a long weekend! Friday night my parents took the kids for an overnighter and my hubby and I went out to the Casino! LOL! We never go anywhere so may as well go big! And even though we lost what we went with, we still had fun together. It's nice to have a date with your husband every once in a while! Then Saturday, my parents took the kids to the beach for the day. What a beautiful day they had! Sunny, warm (upper 80's) and they had so much fun! They stayed at the beach longer than I expected, but I guess they were behaving and didn't want to leave. Then they went out for pizza on the way home! My parents rock! What did Clay and I do Saturday, you ask? In an empty house with no children?? Well, I'll tell you we did nothing! :) We slept in, went to Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast, then went shopping for clothes for Clay since most of his wardrobe has seen better days. Then came back and vacuumed out my car (oh my god, my seats are trashed! I know I'm not alone, and anyone who has kids will sympathize with me. I think if I ever trade it in, I'll have to pay them to take it! What a mess!). Then Clay worked in the yard and waited for the kids to come home and I went and got a haircut, and had dinner out with Ann. It's been a busy yet relaxing weekend! Loved every minute of it!
But back to reality now... I'd like to get cracking on some new stuff. I went to a Bead Show Sunday and met Susan Sheehan! She is so nice! Plus I got a couple of new sets to play with. I love her beads!! You can find a link to her store in the sidebar if you want to check them out. She must have thought I was nuts! You know I get all excited around the beads and what is my favorite saying? "SHUT-up", exactly! Said with love and I was just pumped over the color combo I put together! LOL! It's all good! :) And it was really nice to meet you Susan!
Then I found a new vendor that I had not seen before and she makes porcelain pendants. I loved them! I'm getting really into those now! Plus, I am a good bargain shopper! I would have loved to buy some full price pieces, but instead I went digging in the "seconds" bowl. I found some beautiful things in there that were just slightly off... I don't care! Gives them character! So beautiful! I have to find her card so I can share her website with you... I'll get back to that in a bit.
Hope you all had a fun weekend too! Check back to see what I make with my new finds! I'll try to get a picture up too, I said...I'm moving slowly today! :)

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