Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Any HP fans out there?

The time has COME! Harry Potter is here! This is probably a very popular topic of conversation today, and at present I am trying to decide which show I will be attending tomorrow. I like to see it the day it comes out so that I don't "hear" anything that I don't want to before seeing it with my own two eyes, but unfortunately I wont be able to make the opening show at 12:01am...unless I want to go by myself! :) I have to wait until tomorrow night to see it with Ann and Mary and depending on the time, my daughter Meg! These are my favorite movies and I am on the EDGE OF MY SEAT in anticipation!
Can't wait! Anyone else going?


  1. My husband's (and his twin brother's ;o) ) birthday is tomorrow. So I think we are going to the midnight show with lots of kids in tow.

  2. Oh good for you!!!! Don't spill any beans before I get there at 7:45pm tomorrow night! :) Have fun!

  3. I'm so excited too...probably won't get to the movies until the weekend though....hey...how about I come up there and we see the midnight show tonight!!! Do you think I will make it there by midnight?

    hmmm...oh well...it sounded like a good idea!


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