Thursday, July 23, 2009

Promises, promises...kept!

Oh yes, I followed through with my promise today and I made some killer earrings! I got an awesome bead set from Heather of HMB Studios, and the colors in the set all compliment each other so well. I split them up and have made one very beachy colored pair of earrings and some "Fall" earrings with silver leaves. I got some very different ear wires from a wholesale place that I've wanted to order from for a long time, but I never seem to be able to decide on what I "have to have" and what I "would like to have" and so I just keep putting it off. But I finally made my choices, and just went for it! Very happy with the selections too! They are all so pretty! I have a couple of disks left and I'm winding down for the night so I hope to get to those before I drop off for the evening. If not, tomorrow is another day! Hope you'll check back for pictures... well that is, if the RAIN STOPS! *sigh*. Seems like that's all I do lately, is complain about the rain. But my grass is green... I guess that's a bonus, right?


  1. they sound yum, i will come back to see the photos of them....

  2. Thank you Jelveh! I know I can always count on you! Hope your finger is feeling better! :)


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