Thursday, July 2, 2009

Technical difficulties...

So for the five... count them - FIVE minutes of sunshine we had today before the massive thunderstorms with lightning and pouring rain, I had a dead battery in my camera! ARGH!
I let it charge for a bit and ran outside to take some photo's of my latest designs.
I was under the very watchful eye of my feline friend, Niki, who always supervises my photo shoot's just to make sure I get it done correctly. =<^-^>=

Anyway, here's the rundown:

"Teal Scallops" made with beautiful ruffled disks and rounds made by Shari Slonski, accented by Hill Tribe Scallop Shell beads.

"Stary Night" Made with gorgeous Boro beads from Deb Rosely accented by Indigo, Light Colorado Topaz and Ceylon Topaz Swarovski Crystals.

"Sweet as Honey" made with awesome lampwork beads by Jelveh that I grabbed on Etsy. Accented with Hill Tribe tubes, Topaz and Olivine Swarovski crystals and Celtic charms near the Bali Toggle Clasp.

"Floral Fringe" made with beads from two artists, Carey (flowers) and Jena (hollows). Awesome color scheme! I love how these match together! I used Swarovski Crystals in Pacific Blue Opal, Erinite, Aqua, and Indicolite!

"Sea Treasure" made with a beautiful focal bead by Shari Slonski. I love her beads as well. Such a unique style! Accented with a Bali large holed bead as the bail, Chrysolite and Indigo Swarovski Crystals and two of her metallic beads dangling below! I'll update this post when I figure out where I am listing these pieces, but you can look for them on Etsy or 1000 Markets tonight!

More to come! Please check back!

(UPDATE: They are on Etsy! Click on the Item Name to be brought right to the listings)

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  1. Oh my goodness Kristen those are Beautiful!!! I love them all!! You have been busy. Nice work my friend :) I'm glad to see that Niki was supervising!!


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