Sunday, November 15, 2009

You know it's Love...

I had so much fun last night shopping for my kids. I can't remember a more productive shopping trip ever. I got almost everything done. Seriously! Almost everything.
It was an eventful night for sure! I'm completely exhausted and may sneak in a couple more winks before they get back. I had my lists ready to go so we started off at the craft store where my daughter had her eye on a bunch of things. She loves to draw, and is very good at it, so I got the majority of her stuff there (Sketch pads, charcoal pencils and even a new portfolio to carry all her supplies in). She's the easy child...
Ann and I decided we had better get dinner before going on, or surely we would not make it through the night. I love Chili's salads, although with the calorie count I'm positive I wont be able to eat again until next Thursday. But if that's the case we may as well have Chips and Salsa too! After all, next Thursday is a long way away! ;)I'm not a fan of sweets but I'm a huge sucker for chips and salsa...bring it on!

So while we were eating we were discussing the boys lists. I had taken them to Target to look around last week and they found a ton of things that they wanted to ask Santa for. I was actually impressed because none of it was really too expensive either. Bonus. The kids can have a nice holiday and I may actually get to put a little money aside to fix my car...again. (See told you, whole new outlook!)
Anyway... Ann thought that maybe we could get the same things at Toys R Us and then I could use the coupon that I had, so I never argue about using a coupon! After we ate and re-caffeinated ourselves across the street at Starbucks we began the second round. Decided against making the trek to Toys R Us, it was pouring and dark and Target was 5 minutes away. So we got everything on the list at Target and at this point I'm a happy Mommy! Headed home to put it all in hiding places! Here's where it gets even better...

So I checked my email when I got home. Mind you, it's 10:00pm. Naturally there's a coupon in my email from Toys R Us for 40% off all bikes. Well, we were going to get Jack a Bike this year, and that's what I needed at Toys R Us. Here's the catch... they emailed the coupon out at 6:03pm, I got home at 10:00pm, and the store closed at 11pm. And the coupon was only good for Saturday Nov. 14! So I did what EVERY good mother would do while still on a shopping high... I printed the darn coupon and got in the car!
My house is a good 35 minutes from Toys R Us. I was physically in the car at 10:15 pulling out of my driveway....I got to the store at 10:32pm... does that tell you how fast I was going? Rain? Baa! No fear, I'm on a mission! Got there, and guess what, they are out of the bike... even though the online store availability checker said that they had it. So, I marched my butt to customer service and asked to purchase the floor know... the one that was WAYYYY up there on the shelf? She very pleasantly said "Of Course", and got someone to get it for me.

Jack is going to love me FOREVER! I got him the very last Tony Hawk Bike in the store (he just loves Tony Hawk), and the free ($25) Helmet to match. WITH the coupon savings of 40% to boot. Now you know it's love right?

I slept like a rock last night! :)

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  1. That is fantastic!!! I can't believe you got everything done....I haven't even begun! He will be so excited about the bike!!
    Miss ya!! Please say HI to Ann for me :)


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