Monday, November 2, 2009

Getting my butt in gear...and some questions that need answers!

My little Trick or Treaters...
(The Vampire, and the 2 Ninja's!)

Ok, I have a TON of stuff to do. I feel like I'm getting ready for nothing but enough is enough of this slacking! I don't have any show's booked. No craft fairs. I DO have a board going up in my hair salon for the holiday season. That went over well last year. Aside from that, I have nothing. I'm thinking of having an open house again. I did one a couple of years ago and it was fun.

I have so many ideas and have just been putting everything off. I was down for the count a few weeks back with a cold. Got rid of it and somehow it creeped back into my life over the past couple of days. I'm feeling better now, and ready to rock and roll.
I want some new tools. I think I'm going to get some, I deserve it right? I have several things on my wish list. I want a Chasing Hammer. I have a ball peen hammer, and it's nice and all but I want a Chasing hammer. I want Nylon jaw pliers. I feel I need to have them. I also want to find a way to solder things together that doesnt involve too much effort. Any suggestions? I've seen these little "pencil soldering" tools...anyone have those or heard of them? I don't want anything too big or bulky. Just something to solder my jumprings together.

One other question for you. I used to have FeedJit on my blog, just to see how much traffic I got as well as where it was coming from. I have McAfee and over the past couple of days I was getting warnings all over the place that FeedJit was no longer a safe website. It had links to other sites that included malicious downloads. So I got rid of it. Now I'm in search of a new "traffic" tracker. I just don't know who to trust anymore! LOL! Sad, isn't it?  Is anyone else encountering these issues?

Well, I'm going to get some things done tonight with a piece that I've been making components for. I promised photo's of what I was working on last week, but they have not been "Exactly" what I wanted so I'm still working on them! But they are cool, and will hold my necklace together nicely I think!
Promise to show you as soon as it's done! Have a great Monday!

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