Saturday, November 21, 2009

I must get to the bead store...

Last night was very productive. I had my sister and her kids over so that I could have some company while I worked on the big undertaking of earrings that I need to create in the next week. I got 10 pairs made and I love them all! I put my sister to work stringing a badge holder for me as well, this time in blues. I need to go to the bead store today and grab some earring findings. I have so many to make and I've completely run out now! I know the ones I want to get, but I have to wait until my Christmas shopping is completed before spending any money on fun things for me, but my normal will do for now! I just need some! In a jiffy! So I have some running around to do this morning, then I'll be back to take photo's of the new goodies and post them up later! Have a great Saturday!

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