Saturday, November 14, 2009

Time's a Tickin'!

Today's weather forecast brings much rain, and believe me my Mums need it! They are shriveling up and I feel terrible about it! But today is the perfect day for many other things. I have a bunch of things to do around the house to clean up a bit and get myself ready for Thanksgiving. I host it every year, so I'm getting out more of my Fall decorations and the Pumpkin scented candles! Yum!
I'm also going to go upstairs and make some more earrings to send to Newburyport. They sent me an email this morning with a request for more stock for the holiday's so I have to do that first. But I've asked my best friend to sit with me later so I can create faster! I always work faster with company! LOL! I don't know why that is? Maybe it's the same concept as walking with a friend. You go twice as fast and far while you are chatting and you don't even realize it! But either before or after we sit and design, we're going to get some Christmas shopping done! My hubby is taking the kids and house sitting for my parents tonight so I can get some much needed shopping under my belt and hidden (and hidden VERY WELL from my sneaky little kiddo's) while they are otherwise occupied!
So I've got a full day ahead, and I'm looking forward to it!
I'll be sure to post what I make tomorrow. I think the rain is supposed to stop by then, so I'll get the photo's as soon as it's dry out!

Oh by the way, my mom is wearing her new necklace today! "Where The Wild Things Are" is resting comfortably on her neck on her way to NYC! Have fun Mom!

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