Monday, November 9, 2009

"Where The Wild Things Are"

Ok, here's the story behind this piece. You know there is ALWAYS a story, right?

When my mom comes over she always wants to see what Deb Rosely (littlecrow) has in her shop. My mom is just as much of a bead addict as I am... well, maybe a little less! ;)
She just loves Deb's beads. One day a while back, she saw these and told me to get them. So I did and they've been sitting in my bead box for a bit while I searched for inspiration. She kept telling me to keep it simple. They were pretty enough on their own and they would look nice just strung maybe on some sterling wire or something like that.

So they sat. Unattended for months. I kept reminding myself to keep it simple. It just wasn't happening. I knew that I could not keep it simple with this set of beads. They wanted to play. They needed to be WILD! They were calling for the Bling!

They were speaking my language, because you know it's rare that I do anything simple. I knew what I wanted to do and this is the necklace that I was working on weeks ago but couldn't get the components right. I was trying to teach myself how to make coils. I am a good wire wrapper, but wanted something new and different for me. I've wrapped pieces with seed beads, but these beads wanted shine. I didn't want to take away from their wild side, I just wanted to add to it a little.... Ok, a LOT!

When my mom called today, I told her that I hope she didn't have her heart set on simple for the animal beads. She said..."Oh?" I had to fess up. I had to tell her that I just couldn't do it to them. They wanted to be so much more than simple!
Guess what? She's excited! Love my mom, she is definitely Wild!

I have to get this set over to her as soon as possible, because these beads have been caged up too long in the bead box. They are now full of life and just raring to go! And where are they going you ask? Well, they are going "Where The Wild Things Are!"


  1. You did a great job and I LOVE littlecrow's beads! I have a bunch of her sets waiting in my hoard for "inspiration", too. I think you achieved just the right balance of bling w/o overwhelming the gorgeous beads! Excellent!

  2. LOVE LOVE Kristen!!! Really nicely done :) You have a great gift my friend :) :) Beautiful set !!


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