Friday, August 14, 2009

These were calling to me from the bead box...

"OOOOH, Pick me, Pick Me!!" These beads stood up tall this afternoon just begging to be played with! I'm so glad I listened to them! This is a super fun bracelet, and the colors are TO DIE FOR!
"Fields of Moss"
Made with beautiful mossy colored etched glass rounds and a heart focal made by Jenelle of SFD. There are also some "Margarita Wheels" from Catherine Ondrey, accented by Olivine and Light Olivine Swarovski's, Leaf beads and leaf charms. Silver toggle! Love, love love~!
Love this one.
The earrings match and hang from Sterling Silver ear wires with Peridot stones in them.
"Early Fall"
Even though these have dangling leaves, the color in the beads is almost what you see at the beginning of the Fall Season. There's green with hues of brown's coming through. Cones made by Carey, and yes... I'm asking for more because I love these! You hear that Carey?? :)
"Oil Slicks"
Beautiful square beads made by Melissa Rediger, in a charcoal color with swirls of blue on top. The way the color sits on these reminds me of spilled oil, which may sound weird but have you ever looked at the pretty colors in there?

Well, the family is coming home tonight! My clean house will no longer be clean. But it's ok, I do miss them! The weekend will be beautiful weather wise, which is good because the kids can go outside and I can play with my beads! Look for more to come!


  1. LOVE the "Fields of Moss" bracelet. Those beads are just gorgeous - I can definitely see why they were calling to you LOL!

  2. beautiful Kristen!!! I'm loving the bracelet!!!
    more cones on the way :)

  3. Oh my goodness! I love all the jewelry, but my absolute favorite is the Fields of Moss bracelet - gorgeous, Kristen, gorgeous!!!

  4. I always love etched transparents and you did a fabulous job with those. I love the look and the peridot color was a gorgeous combo.

  5. Oh, I love that top design! So classic and breezy and cool.


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