Friday, August 21, 2009

A Hurricane, a birthday party and baby pictures...

Hurricane Bill is working it's way closer to CT, and we are in for a bumpy ride this weekend! The thunderstorms have just begun so I'm posting now and then shutting the computer down for a while. The weekend weather holds lots of rain and wind. I think it's going to miss us but we are up for some wild weather regardless! My daughter was supposed to go to the beach this weekend with a friend, but that's been cancelled due to the rain. The waves I'm sure will prove to be unswimmable. Is that a word?

Tomorrow is my nieces 3rd Birthday party. That is, if my sister decides to keep it scheduled for tomorrow. If Sunday's weather looks better, she'll move it to later in the weekend. I don't blame her a bit. With a bunch of kids and adults in attendance, things can get kinda hairy when you're all cooped up inside the house! Perhaps Sunday will be better.

And finally, on Sunday morning I'll be helping out a friend who broke her wrist to take some infant portraits. I love babies!! Can't wait to see this little smoocher! I've got to pull out some of my props from the closet and see what I can pull together in my mind. I'm sure she'll have some great ideas as well so I'll just carry forth her plan for the session and maybe throw in a picture or two of my own ideas.
So that's my weekend in a nutshell! Had to interrupt this post due to a power outage! DARN!! I hate that! So I'm wrapping it up and shutting her down for while.
Stay tuned for new pieces. With nothing but rain on the horizon, I'm sure there will be lots of time to design!!

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  1. Sounds like a wild weekend! My son (the weather fanatic) is on a boy scout camp out this weekend and is NOT happy he has to miss checking on the storm online and watching the weather channel all weekend.


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