Saturday, August 22, 2009

My photoless posts are boring!

I went three posts without a picture...BORING!
So in an effort to entertain you, here is one of my favorite pictures that my parents took from the beach. I actually think this is quite funny! My boys are very active. I guess this is one way to get them to sit still!
Going to a birthday party in a little bit and then my plan for later on is to come home, pick up a bit and start designing. I thought up this AWESOME necklace last night in my mind as I was laying in bed for hours, just tossing and turning. The humidity is terrible, even with the air conditioning on. Everything just feels wet. Yuck. I was up watching a movie until 2am...even considered purchasing hair extensions off of QVC! LOL! Oh my gosh, I must be crazy!
Needless to say, I did not make any purchases, I just watched, played on my laptop and tossed and turned.
But the necklace in my mind was really killer! I hope I can transfer the design to my hands!! We'll see how it comes out, check back later on!


  1. hair extensions? That is hilarious! I have found that if I am online "window shopping" later at night, that is when my will power is low to resist buying stuff. So I try not to window shop late at night. I can hardly wait to see your new design(s)!

  2. um, Kristen.....I have those hair extensions.....

  3. LOL! Oh Carey, see I knew we were seperated at birth! Love ya! Too bad our hair is different colors or I'd ask to borrow them to try them out! :)

  4. hey....they give you sample swatches too...maybe we could die half of know, so I could use half and we could die the other half for you....doesnt that sound like fun? (giggling)


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