Tuesday, June 10, 2008

(Your love is like a) HEAT WAVE!

I have been singing that song all day long today! It's official, we are in the midst of our first heat wave of the season, and MAN is it HOT! I am waiting to pick up Meghan from school, there is early dismissal again today due to the extreme heat. I'm so glad, those poor kids are going to sweat to death in their classrooms! Anyway, with the heat, I am taking it easy and trying to lay low. I put up a few more things on Etsy yesterday, and hope to sit down by the end of the weekend and create again. I'll leave you with this photo today! This is the closest I can get to a bumble bee... I'm scared to death of them but I made an attempt! :) I just love the fact that you can see his little wings swirling around!

Hope you are all staying cool! It's a good day to stay inside and shop online, so check out the store:
and I'll check back in later!


  1. LOL!!! I feel the same way about bees!!! A beautiful shot!!! His little wings are movin'


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