Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Down to 4!

So I'm super slacking in the jewelry making department, however, there is a lot of prep involved in getting ready for a show which is consuming the majority of my time this week. There is tissue to cut, displays to pack, jewelry to inventory, invoices to prepare, items to mark down, signage...oh my goodness the list is endless! And on top of that there is a house to clean, kids to cart around and play with, dinner to make, laundry to do, flowers to water, and so on and so on! So i'll be a busy bee this week! I hope you all have me in your plans this weekend! At least stop by and say hello at the show! We can use all the traffic we can get, plus there's FREE jewelry for the first 200 people who come down! Now you can't beat that! I'll check back in later on, for now I have to see what Matthew just threw on the floor that made such a loud crash... Oh CINDERELLA???? :)

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