Friday, June 13, 2008

A slow week...

Well, this has been a slow week for me, with it being Meghan's wind up of school (next Tuesday). But with her being home to lend a helping hand and play with the boys I'll be sure to get some jewelry made!!

I just had an AWESOME idea for a new piece. I am doing a wedding in July and the bride may have me design jewelry for her bridesmaids also. It's a beach wedding so she is looking for starfish necklaces. I made a beautiful necklace, with Moonfairy Glass beads called Caribbean Sunset, last year while vacationing in Rhode island (pictured above, I put it on Meghan to get a better shot) and I just had a thought for a new style on Sterling Wire, with some freshwater pearls and a Hill Tribe Silver Starfish! I'm going to try to get one made later so I can work this idea out in materials and I'll post it asap!

For now, I am off to get Meg at school. We gave her teacher an end of the year gift, made by Lisa's Pieces. It's a sterling pendant on a steel choker, and I had the word "Inspire" inscribed on it because that is exactly what I found to be the perfect word to describe what Meghan was this year... Inspired! She is reading a lot more and doing much better in Math, so Mrs. Prentiss... a HUGE thank you to you! I hope you will continue to inspire children!

More to come later! Please check back!

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  1. I LOVE the little starfish!! The pearls is a great idea!! It sounds beautiful....hmmmm will need to get you to make ME jewelry if I ever get re-married :) :) :)


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