Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On an earring kick!

Since time has been limited lately, I took today to photograph some of my new earring designs. They have all been listed in my Etsy store as well! For more detailed descriptions of each design, please click HERE to be taken to Etsy. Got in some more beautiful RINGS from Carey at Sassy Stoppers so I'll be putting together some bracelets to list - maybe tomorrow. Enjoy these for now and have a great night!


  1. Hey You, LOVE all your new earrings !!!! you know what pair is my favorite !!! Ann Marie

  2. uh, you can't possibly mean the MINNIE MOUSE ones, can you?? ha ha They're so NOT you Ann!

  3. The little Minnie Mouse one's are too cute!! My favorite are the orange (tangerine) ones!!! Beautiful work as always Kristen!!!!

    Hi Ann Marie!!!

    errr...yes... I am using your blog to catch up with all my friends :) :)


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