Friday, June 6, 2008

Just a Reminder...

The Jewelry Spectacular is TOMORROW, Saturday June 7 at the Holiday Inn in North Haven from 10am - 4pm! Free Jewelry for the first 200 people!
Please come by to say hello!


  1. Have a fantastic time tomorrow!! I wish I could come up there! I hope you have a terrific turn out and lots of sales!!! We are off to Costa Rica for a week, so I will be out of commission for a while :( If you don't sell the sugar plum earrings will you please hold them for me???? :)
    Looking forward to hear how your weekend was when I get back!
    Your beady friend,

  2. Carey! I hope you have a wonderful time in Costa Rica!! Geez, I'm trying to decide if I want to stow away...:) I'll keep the Sugar Plum earrings for you if they don't sell, ABSOLUTELY! I will let you know how I did and look forward to hearing back from you! Hmmm, what will I do without you for a whole week??? :( Have a great time!!

  3. You could totally stow away!!! That would be lots of fun....we would also have to stow Ann too :)
    I dont know what I am going to do a whole week without communication too!!! I am hoping to be able to get online while I am there! If I get to a computer I will send you a hello :) Thanks for holding those beautiful earrings for me! I am sure you will do Fantastic this weekend, your jewelry is amazing :) :) Cant wait to read the update!


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