Friday, January 30, 2009

Some fun for a chilly day...

I am always amused by cute things. And this is one of those things. My kittens, who are getting big so fast, are adorable. They are both boys, very lovable and entertaining. They have discovered that there are birds outside the windows this week. I don't know what kind of brain damaged birds we have in CT because it's FREEZING out there and they should have all been well on their way to Florida by now, but alas they are out there and they have been spotted by my furry feline friends. Here are a few pictures of Bruce and Eddie "Bird Watching". They make me laugh! They are flying all over the place, the cats that is, trying to get the best spot in the window to catch a glimpse of these birds that are out in the trees. That's as close as they will get because I'll never let them outside, but it is entertaining to watch them and how their ears perk straight up in the air and I don't think they all! :)

I have new pieces started, and I bought a new plate to use as a backdrop for indoor pictures yesterday. So please check back to see what's NEW! :)

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  1. Your kittens are CRAZY!!!! LOL thanks for sharing :)


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