Friday, January 16, 2009

Hearts and Chocolate!

The thermometer says -6 degrees this morning so I was FREEZING outside taking these pictures! I think they are slightly blurry because I was shivering! Sorry about that! Nothing beats natural lighting to showcase the glass colors but I may have to find another way soon! :)

For some reason my white picture plate has gone missing, probably buried up in my office right now. So I had to use this pretty gold one to photograph these pieces. If you look closely, you will see that yes, there is snow under the plate! I thought it might make the underneath look whiter, but it just made the plate colder! Valentines Day is rapidly approaching and I have a lot of new things that I am making for that special day! These two pieces are headed off to Sandy Hook to The Wishing Well on Monday but I thought I would share them with you.

The first is called Chocolate Covered Cherries. Features fabulous lampwork glass beads made by Jenelle of SFD, I just love her beads! The colors are always so pretty to work with! I have added Hill Tribe Flowers, and Swarovski Crystals in Smoked Topaz and Rose. Made little charms that hang out of the flowers and a matching earring pair!

Next is a glass heart bead that I could not pass up. I bought this from someone on Etsy who was cleaning out some of her bead stash and I snatched it up because I couldn't resist the beauty of it. I designed this necklace three different times. The first two times I was not happy with how it looked. It took away from the focus, which is the heart bead, and so I went digging in my supplies for something more simple. I found it!! Gorgeous green potato pearls, separated by Olivine Swarovski Crystals and silver spacers and earrings to match. PERFECT! Still trying to name this one, any suggestions?

I hope you like them! I have been re inspired by all of this new glass that I am getting in so look out! Much more to come! I started another project last night but had to leave it to take Meg to gymnastics and then it was too late to continue it when I got back. I'll try to work on that one today. I'll give you a hint, it has more of Jenelle's beads in it! :) Check back tomorrow, and maybe it wont be so cold outside (doubt it), and maybe I'll find my white plate (double doubt it!). :)


  1. Very pretty Kristen! I also love the picture of your little guy asleep at the computer. How precious!

  2. What absolutely stunning jewelry! You make those lampwork beads SING!

  3. Thanks so much ladies! I appreciate you checking them out and for now following me! :) We'll be talking to you!


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