Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a beautiful day!

It was 56 degrees here today! I put on my flip flops, went outside with the kids and got them situated in the backyard playing. Then Clay and I vacuumed out all of our cars, washed and waxed them and they are SO shiny now! It was the perfect Spring day! I hope it lasts, I really needed this! I even opened up the windows in the house and let in some fresh air. I'm sure I'll have to do a ladybug roundup later on, because we are infested with them over here, but it was so worth it to have that nice breeze going through the house. 
I did not do much in the way of designing today, because I've been cooped up for too long but tomorrow is another day. I enjoyed the OUTDOORS today. 
I hope you were able to enjoy your day, and I hope it was sunny where you are!

By the way.. Emerald Isle is SOLD. :) I knew that wouldn't take long!

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  1. We had gorgeous weather here too! Got most of the ice off the deck and driveway! Love spring :)
    Please don't go away!!



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