Saturday, March 27, 2010

Favorite Color Combo's!

I had time to make some new jewelry the other day. Used some of my favorite color combination's too!
Take a look:
Brown and Pink
I still have yet to name this one. It deserves a REALLY good name. I'm usually good at coming up with them but I'm stumped. Someone suggested Tea for Two, but I'm on the fence about it... I'll take suggestions!!

Green/Blue (specifically Indian Sapphire, as it is one of my FAVORITE Swarovski Crystal Colors)

Green and Blue again, but BOLDER this time.. remember what I said about
Navy? :)

Purple/Green (Raspberry to be exact!)
"Raspberry Lime Sorbet"

Green/Blue AGAIN! I was on a roll...
Still no name yet for these handwrapped glass bead earrings! 

Blue/Brown (Navy... of course!)
"Night Sky"
Beautiful dark blue with flecks of browns that look like little stars and things floating around in the night sky. 

This is one picture of each item, if you would like to see different views you can see the rest of the photo's on my Facebook Fan Page!
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See you there! :)
Etsy listing's coming this weekend for these and some others as well.


  1. That first bracelet has neapolitan written all over it! The second I saw it I though those were the exact colours in that ice cream!! These are all gorgeous!! The earrings remind me of the colours of a spring sky and fresh spring grass. Maybe that thought will inspire you :)

  2. Lots of new pretties I see! I haven't had time to stop by for awhile, and I love catching up with all the pretty eye candy!


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