Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I need more daylight!

Time got away from me today as I was visiting with a friend and working at the same time. I love designing with company! It makes the time go by faster and it's like my hands just do their thing!
I was not able to photograph the beautiful bracelet I made before the sun went down and my pictures are not the best with the artificial lighting. Even with a daylight bulb, I find that the tint is a little too blue for my taste. I can correct that but the lack of sparkle in the glass just makes me hate them. Can you tell I hate indoor photography? I'll find any excuse to get the glass into the sunlight where it show's off it's true beauty!
Anyway, I have to retake them tomorrow but I thought I would give you a sneak peak of 
The full bracelet in all it's glory will be shown tomorrow and listed on Etsy!
I also made these earrings for my friend who loved the ones I made the other day. She can't wear the heavy but loved the cascading crystals so I made her these...
I love these Bali Silver beads I got and they were the perfect addition to the Black and White color scheme I used. She wanted to be able to wear them with anything, and she left here with them in her ears and her sweats on! LOL! I guess that means she was happy! :)
More photo's tomorrow~


  1. I just LOVE that bracelet! It's gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Kelly!! I love it too, the greens are SO pretty! Perfect for Shamrock Day! My favorite holiday! :)


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