Thursday, July 29, 2010

Scrambling can be fun!!

It's been a really hectic week here. We had lots to do and it seems like the time just flew by! We had a family get together last Sunday and we got to see our cousins that we had not seen in a really long time. It was fun! Thank goodness for Facebook, now we can all keep in touch! 
It was also nice that my Gram was able to join us. There were a few pictures that I've been wanting to take in the past few years and the timing just never worked out. We were never all together, or the kids were out playing or I forgot my camera, you get the idea. Sunday, everything just fell into place.  Although there was food on the stove cooking, and guests arriving, and a flurry of activity going on in every room, I insisted on TWO MINUTES of time. It was a well spent two minutes. 

My Grandmother is 87 years old, and the youngest great grandchild is 3, so this is exactly what I wanted to capture in our family Generations photo. This is our "Circle of Life". My grandmother, my mother, me, my sister, my daughter, and my nieces. There are boys in the family too, but this picture was important to me to take of just the girls. Thanks so much to my husband for allowing me to set it up and then standing above us on a chair to take it! :) 
Another favorite photo of the day was this one of my grandmother and her 6 great grandchildren. I'm so glad that they will all have this memory of her as they grow up! 
After the party, I turned my attention to jewelry designing to get ready for the Home show that I am doing on Sunday. Here's a few of the last minute things I designed for the show!
Both of the above bracelets are on HOLD for a customer. 
And here are a few that I did yesterday of my more simpler designs without lampwork glass. I like to have a variety of things available for people who are attending a show, that are not in the market to purchase glass art. 
But there was time for one more Glass piece before I gave up for the night! 
Surf's Up!
There may be enough time for me to make a few more pieces before the big day, but getting ready for a show is not all about the designing. There's a lot to pull together and I have a VERY MESSY designing space right now! I have to clean that up! Which can also be fun, because when I clean, sometimes I find more fun beads to play with! :)


  1. Kristen I love the photo of your hands! That is a photo to treasure forever!
    Your jewelry is fantastic! Good luck at your home show.

  2. The Circle of Life photo is terric! And I love your jewelry.

  3. Kristen, I love the Circle of Life photo. My daughter takes pics like that with all of her friends feet. We have a family picnic Sunday. I think I'll let her take the photos :) Your quick strung stuff is very beautiful, too. Just like your fancier stuff is

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments!! I really appreciate it! :)

  5. Your Generation Circle of Life photo will be something the younger generation will have to treasure as they get older.
    A wonderful keepsake. Your bracelets are lovely.


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