Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Deck out those digits!

I'm loving the new cluster rings that I'm making, and they seem to be a huge hit! I had a whole bunch made for my show last Sunday and all but one sold, so this one will be up on Etsy later. 
I've ordered more bases and some really cool crystal colors to make some more fun combo's. Look out for them in the next week or two! I've received a lot of good suggestions for color schemes that you'd like to see, so please feel free to share your input by commenting here or over on my Facebook page! I love to hear your thoughts, so keep those comments coming! I really appreciate it and all of you. 


  1. Yeah, great idea the cluster rings! smiles, Virginie

  2. I love cluster rings. They are so pretty and they make a cool sound as they move around on your hand!

  3. Its looks preety, Nice to see and give to our love once.


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