Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another heat wave's headed our way...

Talking about the weather when you live in New England is almost inevitable. There's so much inconsistency that it makes me crazy at times! We had a heat wave last week, and it's working it's way back this week. Today we have pouring rain and thunderstorms. When it's humid outside, I like to be INSIDE with the air conditioner on. Yesterday I sat in my office with my Diet Coke, my friend Allyson (and Miss Reese, of course) and my CD player going and I HAULED on bracelets!! 
I made two custom orders, here's a look at one of them made with Jenelle's FABULOUS focals!
I can get more of these beautiful focals from Jenelle too if anyone is interested in a similar style. Available for custom order, just email me! 
Next are three bracelets that I made with Jena Fulcher's AWESOME beads! I decided that I could make one really funky wrapped charm bracelet or share the wealth. Each is similar but different in it's own special way. Here are some preliminary photos, to be retaken outside once the sun shines!
This one is called "Sublime Key Lime"
Here's the sister to this one "Sublime Key Lime II" (until I can think of something better)
And the last is called "Blue Hawaiian"
These will be listed up on Etsy tomorrow, once I get some outside pictures which will truly show off the sparkle in these awesome bracelets! 
I'm in the mood to move on to more fall colors now... so the other bracelet that I made will be posted tomorrow because the picture is too blurry. LOL! I'm a perfectionist! Can you tell? ;) It is made with some beautiful earthy colored Kazuri Beads and Swarovski Crystals.
Last chance to enter for the giveaway!! Get those comments in and check back tomorrow night to see if you've won! 

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  1. Ooh...love the green/blue one in particular! My favorite colors!

    Our weather finally warmed up here this week. No humidity (thank goodness!), but we are headed for the 90's today through the weekend.


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